Upfront Profit Fixed Deposits Account from Maybank and CIMB Bank

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Both CIMB Bank and Maybank through their respective Islamic Banking arm have a similar offering on Upfront Profit Fixed Deposit Account. CIMB Bank is the first introducing this product in 2007 while Maybank only offer it in 2009.

CIMB Bank’s offering is called “Fixed Return Investment Account-i (FRIA-i) – WhyWait” while Maybank’s offering called “Profit Now! Account-i (PNA-i)”. Both of them are Islamic Fixed deposit and sometimes called General Investment Account-i (GIA-i)

Both of them pay the profit upfront or in other word when you open the account instead of at maturity through other Fixed Deposit Account.

The table below show the comparison between CIMB Bank and Maybank offering.

CIMB Bank Maybank
Minimum Deposit RM 10,000 RM 10,000
Tenure 1 to 3 months 1 to 6 months
Instant Pofit Yes Yes
Pledge Certificate for Financing Facilities Yes Yes
Profit Rates * 1 month 2.25% 2.30%
2 months 2.25% 2.35%
3 months 2.30% 2.40%
4 months N/A 2.40%
5 months N/A 2.40%
6 months N/A 2.45%

* as in April 2010

More information on CIMB Bank FRIA-i
More information on Maybank PNA-i

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