Perpetual, Australia’s Most Experienced Investment and Trustee Groups


Perpetual is one of the oldest financial institutions in Australia. It was established in Sydney in 1886 under the name Perpetual Trustee Company (Limited). It is known as one of the most experienced investment and trustee groups.

With over 120 years of operating history, Perpetual has helped countless Australian’s individuals, families and companies to protect and manage their wealth through a proper and brilliant investment strategy specially formulated to fit their needs.

To ensure an outstanding performance on the investment, Perpetual has a very clear investment philosophy and applies it diligently while investing client’s funds.

The investment will be made in various financial instruments such as Australian shares, international shares, fixed income, mortgages, property, diversified funds, multi-manager funds and quantitative shares.

Perpetual won various awards throughout its operating history. The most-recent award was the Best Australian Shares Super Fund by Money Magazine in 2012. The award was given due to strong long-term performance of the fund. For more than a decade, the fund has generated a compounded annual return of more than 12%pa.

Another point worth taking note is that, Perpetual is a leader in improving the quality of philanthropy in Australia. They provide breadth of services, commissioning research and conducting discussion forums on key issues in the sector.

They also place a particular emphasis on improving leadership and management of non-profit organisations in Australia with the aim to make a sustainable contribution for the long-term benefit of society.

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