PruBSN Takaful Health with Non Claim Bonus (NCB)

prudential bsn takaful

Prudential BSN Takaful (PruBSN), introduced its latest medical plan, Takaful Health. It is the first for the Takaful industry in Malaysia that comes with annual No Claim Bonus (NCB). PruBSN is a joint venture company between Bank Simpanan Nasional (BSN) and Prudential PLC (Prudential).

Takaful Health provides comprehensive hospital and medical coverage until the age of 80. This new plan also has the highest lifetime claims limit in the industry, at 10 times the annual limit of the plan chosen.

However, unlike other medical plans, Takaful Health also pays its customers to stay healthy through its innovative NCB feature of up to RM500 per year, depending on the package.

Basically, it means that if the policy holder don’t make a claim, they will received money that comes from the NCB.

For more information kindly browse through PruBSN webpage.
Takaful Health product brochure can be download here.

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