Public Bank Double Bonus with 15% Cash Back Promotion

The previous 15% Cash Back Promotion ended 30th June 2010. Public Bank is currently aggressive with credit card promotion extend the 15% cash back promotion with a new campaign called Public Bank Double Bonus. This campaign will reward up to RM2 million in cash & prizes to be won.


This promotion is valid from 1st October 2010 to 28th February 2011. Under this promotion, Public Bank credit card holders who spend on weekdays will earn 15% Cash Back and 10% Cash Back on weekend spending. All the spending must be in single receipt with minimum of RM50.

On top of cash rebate, card holders are eligible to won BMW 523i, Honda CRV and Nissan Grand Livina with every RM50 spending. Local purchase will earn 1 entry while overseas will earn 2 entries.

For a newly approve card holders, additional cash rewards up to RM60 will be given after first usage of minimum RM80. New card holder may also choose 0% financing charges for 6 months instead of cash rewards.

To participate, you have to register your Public Bank credit card via SMS. To register, send SMS through your mobile number by typing “PBCB {space} 16-digits card no” to 32968. It is one time registration and you will be charged 30 cents.

These are the details regarding the cash rebate promotion,

  • The Promotion is only open to all Principal PB Credit Cardmembers except for PB Visa Electron Debit, PB Visa Day2Day, PB UTAR, PB TARC, and PB ING Debit MasterCard Cardmembers.
  • SMS registration is compulsary but for only one time. RM0.30 will be charge.
  • Cash rebate is applicable for retail transactions except for online purchase, auto-debit, flexipay, recurring payment (inclusive of utilties, direct marketing and insurance premium), cash advance and quasi cash.
  • The maximum Cash Back payout is capped at RM100 per month per card member with total allocation of RM300,000 per month and based on first come first served basis.

Click here for Public Bank promotion page.
Click here for Terms and Condition.

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  • Only 3000 card members nationwide could enjoy a maximum of RM100 each monthly, or RM666.67 in spending. Are you the “lucky” one ?

    • The trick is to spend at the beginning of the month.

  • That’s the problem with PB’s cash back promotion…it’s half-heartedly given. Yes, although the trick is to spend at the beginning of the month, how sure are you that the opportunity is still available by the 5th, 6th, and so on of the month? What if by the 1st and 2nd and mayabe 3rd of the month, the allocation for cash back is all used up? Sounds more like a competition for cash back! Not just that, you won’t know immediately in the coming credit card statement whether you managed to get the caash back or not, you have to wait for one-and-a-half month later, then you either see or don’t see any cash back written in your statement. Shame on PB!

    • Yes agree with you. In the previous campaign monthly cap is RM500,000 instead of RM300,000. I manage to get the rebate even on spending on the 20th. But now I think the cap will reach very fast.

  • Wah, you are very lucky! For me, I have just called up their PB customer service personnel and told me that the recent rebate given up for September 2010 promotion, the allocation was all used up by 7th September! I made more than RM100 purchases using the PB Card, on on the 7th Sept. and another in somewhere the middle of Sept, and now I see my bill statement has no mention about the cash back at all and the personnel says that means I didn’t manage to get the cash back! And they also said they have no way of knowing real-time whether the allocation still got or not. So those poor fellar will be ‘blindly’ swiping their PB card in Sept. hoping to get the cash back, only to be told everything was used up already! Geramnya! And the personnel also said it’s no joke that everything has been used up by the 7th Sept.!

    • The bank use this trick so that more user used their card in spending.

      That’s why I say need to used the card at the beginning of the month. After that stop using it or switch to other card.