15% Cashback Promotion with Public Bank Credit Card

The previous PB REAL Cash Back Promotion which offer 8% cash rebate ended 31st March 2010. In order to make their card holders happy & not cancelling thier card due to RM50 tax, Public Bank strike again with a greater, 15% cash back.

This promotion is valid from 1st April to 30th June 2010. Under this promotion, Public Bank credit card holders who spend on a specific Daily Merchant Category are entitle for the 15% Cash Back. The great news is no minimum spending amount is required.

In addition to that if you swipe at least 15 times in a calendar month, you will received RM1 rebate for every swipes subject to maximum of RM30 per month.

To participate, you have to register your Public Bank credit card via SMS. To register, send SMS through your mobile number by typing “PBCB {space} 16-digits card no” to 32968. It is one time registration and you will be charged 30 cents.

Below are the list of Daily Merchant Category that eligible for 15% cash back.

Days Specific Daily Merchant Category Merchant Category Code
Monday Petrol 5541 & 5542
Tuesday Department stores 5311
Wednesday Jewellery stores & Movie tickets 5944 & 7832
Thursday Health & Beauty 5977, 7230 & 7298
Friday Hotels & Travel 3000 – 3299, 3501 – 3999, 4511, 4722 & 7011
Saturday Dining 5812, 5813 & 5814 (exclude dining spent at hotel)
Sunday Grocery 5411 & 5422

These are the details regarding the cash rebate promotion,

  • The Promotion is only open to all Principal PB Credit Cardmembers except for PB Visa Electron Debit, PB Visa Day2Day, PB UTAR, PB TARC, and PB ING Debit MasterCard Cardmembers.
  • SMS registration is compulsary but for only one time. RM0.30 will be charge.
  • Cash rebate is applicable for retail transactions except for online purchase, auto-debit, flexipay, recurring payment (inclusive of utilties, direct marketing and insurance premium), cash advance and quasi cash.
  • A maximum total of RM600,000 Cash Back is available each calendar months under this promotion and based on first come first served basis.
  • Each cardmember only entitle for maximum of RM100 cash rebate per month.

Click here for Public Bank promotion page.
Click here for Terms and Condition.

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  • Walao… Need to spend according to day. Hard!!!

    • Nvm, as long as I am getting cash back! It’s definitely worth it!

    • Agree but it is very good promotion.

      Anyway, I cancelled my Public Back card early this year 🙁

  • This promotion valid until 30th June 2010. That means after 30th June 2010, no more this application, or means after 30th June 2010, no more 15% cash rebate?

    • After 30th June no more 15% cash rebate unless PB Bank set a new one.:)

  • Does anyone know the retail stores like Tesco and Giant are grouped under deparment store or grocery?

  • Public Bank HOAX and CHEAT!

    Check out the 15% Cash back Terms and condition clause no 14!

    The monthly Cash Back payout for Tier 1 and Tier 2 will be given to the fastest Qualified Cardmember who achieved the maximum Cash Back payout in a tracking month and based on first come first served basis.

    Meaning – You have to be the first 6000 people who spent RM666.67, divided to within the period for the “Special Day” purpose, accumulate 15% which is total of RM100 then only can get the cash back.

    Public Bank only giving RM600,000 total for each month. Meaning you have to rush to spend! CHEATER!

  • @LKT Can’t say that PBB is cheating, it is pure marketing. If cheating then you would see that clause.

    • yup, you are right, PBB is NOT cheating. just smart 100% marketing genius

  • Best deal is simple and clean.
    No special day for special thing.
    No subject to this then only get discount.
    No promotion period.
    No limit on spending. (fair to have limit of rebate)

  • 20 percent rebate on GNC purchases, any minimum purchase required and promotion until when ?

    • These are for GNC purchase 20% rebate

      – Enjoy 20% OFF on all supplement items.
      – FREE “His & Hers” pill box with minimum purchase of RM180 in a single recreipt.
      – The Promotion is valid from 25 November 2010 to 31 December 2010
      – NO minimum purchase is required.


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