Tabung Haji Declared 5.5% Dividend for 2010


Lembaga Tabung Haji or Pilgrim Fund Board of Malaysia recently announced a 5.5 percent dividend for 2010. The total payout to depositors is RM1.33 billion.

The dividend is 0.5 percent higher than 2009 rate which was 5 percent. Higher dividend was due to the fund’s better financial performance in 2010. In the same period, Tabung Haji recorded a revenue of more than RM2 billion.

The dividend rate for Tabung Haji is very competitive taking into account the profile of Tabung Haji investments which are limited to Syariah compliant investments.

The main sources of income for Tabung Haji in 2010 was from investments in equities which accounted for 65 per cent, with 19 per cent being dividend income and 46 per cent profits from the trade of shares.

The second largest contribution came from investments in debt securities mainly Islamic bonds which contributed 10 per cent.

Tabung Haji has allocated a business zakat payment of RM41 million for 2010 compared with a zakat of RM39 million paid in 2009.

The balance of the profits of 2010 after bonus payments for the depositors, which will amount to RM164 million, will be credited into Tabung Haji’s reserves.

This will raise Tabung Haji’s total reserves as at 2010 to RM317 million including the RM153 million which had already been brought forward to 2010.

For previous year dividends kindly browse “Historical Tabung haji Dividend Rate” page.

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