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Malaysia Top 30 Largest Trading Partners in 2011


In 2011, Malaysia’s total external trade was at RM1.27 trillion up from RM1.17 trillion in 2010. Trade surplus also increased to RM120 billion from RM110 billion a year before.

Malaysia largest trading partner is China with total trade of RM167 billion in 2010 up from RM147 billion in 2009.

In terms of trade surplus, Malaysia earns the most from INdia and Hong Kong with more than RM17 billion in surplus. On the other hand, Malaysia lost the most to Indonesia with a trade deficit of RM14 billion.

The table below is Malaysia top 30 largest trading partner with export, import & trade surplus (or deficit) figures in 2011.

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Top 26 World’s Largest Sovereign Pension Funds, 2012

Previously, we looked at 2012 top 300 world’s largest pensions fund where Malaysian funds, namely Employees Provident Fund and Kumpulan Wang Persaraan (KWAP) at number 10 and 130 respectively. The different between sovereign and non-sovereign funds are the fund ownership.

Sovereign fund is established by national authorities for the meeting of pension liabilities. So, this raking is quite similar to world’s largest pension funds but without private funds such as General Motors pension funds.

EPF down 1 rank up from 5th spot in 2011 to 6th spot in 2012 with total assets grew from $146 billion to $154 billion.

The table below is top 26 world’s largest sovereign pension funds.

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Top 300 World’s Largest Pension Funds, 2012

The following data are as of end 2011. Two (2) Malaysia’s pension funds namely Employees Provident Funds (EPF) and Kumpulan Wang Persaraan (KWAP) listed in top 300 world’s largest pension funds.

EPF drop 1 spot from number 9 in 2011 to number 10 in 2012 with total assets grew from $146 billion to $154 billion.

KWAP, Malaysian second largest pension fund is at number 130 up to nine spots from 139 in 2011. Total assets grow from $22 billion to $25 billion.

The table below is the full top 300 World’s Largest Pension Funds for 2012.

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2012 Fortune Global 500, World’s Largest Companies

FortuneThe Fortune Global 500 is an annual ranking of the top 500 corporations or companies worldwide as measured by revenue. The list is compiled and published annually by Fortune magazine.

The list was first published in 1989 but only cover US industrial companies. In 1995, the list changed to include all companies & sectors.

The latest 2011 ranking was published on 23th July 2012. In 2012 edition, Royal Dutch Shell gained the top position replacing Wal-Mart Stores. There is only one (1) Malaysian company managed to be in the 2012 Fortune Global list, namely Petronas at 68th position improving from the 86th position in 2011.

The table below is top 20 of Fortune Global 500.

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2012 Forbes Global 2000 & Ranking for Malaysian Companies

The Forbes Global 2000 is an annual ranking of the top 2000 public companies in the world features in Forbes magazine. The ranking is based on four criteria namely  Sales, Profit, Assets and Market value.

The ranking was first published in 2003 and it is a useful indicator for leading public companies in the world.

For the 2012 ranking, there are 18 Malaysian companies listed drop from 20 in 2011. The companies that no longer in the list were PLUS Expressway and PPB Group.

The table below is top 20 of 2012 Forbes Global 2000 and all the position of Malaysian companies in the list.

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