Fund Transfer

RHB Banking Services at Post Office

With Effective from 3rd January 2010, all RHB Bank and RHB Islamic Bank customers will be able to do banking transactions in all Pos Malaysia branches throughout the country.

At the beginning, 21 selected Pos Malaysia branches in the Klang Valley and Negeri Sembilan have been identified for the services. The same services will be available in all 300 Pos Malaysia branches in the later stages.

There are no fees or charges imposed for any banking transactions done over the POS Malaysia counter.

The following banking transaction can be performed at Pos Malaysia branches,

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Instant Interbank Fund Transfer with CIMBClicks

Recently, CIMB Bank enable one of the most wanted features in CIMB Clicks, Instant Interbank Fund Transfer. As the name imply, the fund will be available immediately in the beneficiary account.

One of the best features is, upon keying in the beneficiary account number, the name of the account holder will be displayed. So you know the money is going to be received by right person.

You will be charged RM2.00 for one times instant transfer and RM4.00 for schedule instant transfer.

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Top Up & Send Paypal Money via RHB Bank

rhb paypal

Malaysian Paypal users are now allowed to top up & send Paypal money via Malaysian bank account. This services is the outcome of collaboration between Paypal and RHB Bank.

RHB is the first bank in Malaysia to allow their customers to use their checking or savings account to instantly top-up a Paypal account or send money to anyone with email address via Paypal.

RHB customers also have a shopping site called WorldMart that provides special PayPal merchant deals to users of this new top-up service.

Top up Paypal account is FREE for all RHB customers and the process is done via RHB Bank online banking.

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Instant International Fund Transfer with Citibank Global Transfer


Citibank Global Transfer gives you the convenience of transferring funds online instantly between your own Citibank accounts and other Citibank accounts across Asia-Pacific. It can be done at ay times, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week through your online banking account.

With Citibank Global Transfer, you have an option for fund transfers in local currency or other foreign currency. Every transfer subjected to flat transfer fee of USD10 per transaction.

There is no minimum amount you can transfer per transaction. However, there is a maximum limit up to USD 12,500 per day and multiple transactions is allowed.

To set up a Citibank Global Transfer, you just need the recipient’s name and account number. Funds are debited from your account and credited to the recipient’s account instantly.

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Pay+, Instant Interbank Transfer from Hong Leong Bank

hong leong bank

Hong Leong bank announce Pay+ which allows HL Online Personal customers to transfer funds from HLB Current or Savings account to other participating bank’s current or savings account.

Funds transferred are available in beneficiary’s account immediately upon a successful transfer. This is the first instant interbank transfer in Malaysia.

Upon entering the beneficiary account number and clicking on the submit button, beneficiary account name will be displayed for confirmation prior to confirming the transaction.

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