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Hire Purchase or Car Loan Rate Comparison as of March 2010

hire purchase

If you plan to buy a new car and do not know which banks give the best interest rates, you are at the right place. Just bear in mind that, the rate listed below are for new cars only.

The table below shows the current hire purchase or car loan package that banks in Malaysia offer as in March 2010 for comparison purpose. The package may change, so for confirmation, you can check with the respective bank.

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Latest BLR & BFR Rate as in March 2010

interest rate

With recent hike of Overnight Policy Rate (OPR) by Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM), Banks do not take a long time to raise BLR and BFR. The first bank to raise the BLR is Bank Simpanan Nasional.

BLR normally used in conventional loan package while BFR normally used in Islamic loan package. However, most of the time BLR & BFR figures are the same.

The table below show the latest BLR or BFR rate for most of banks in Malaysia as at 12th March 2010. This table is no longer maintained. The latest rates can be found on this page.

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Ranking of Malaysian Banks Based on Assets Size, Loans Size & Market Capitalization

Do you know how big is Malaysian Banks in terms of their assets size, loans size or market capitalization? Which banks biggest & which one is the smallest? With the recent news that Hong Leong Bank going to acquire EON Bank, it is interesting to see the ranking of Malaysian Banks.

The table below shows Malaysian Banks ranking based on their assets size, loan size & market capitalization as at the end of 2009. International banks and non-public listed are excluded from the lists.

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Hong Leong Bank Essential Credit Card

hong leong bank essential card

Hong Leong Bank recently re-launched Essential Credit Card which they firstly introduced a few years back. However, Hong Leong Bank stopped issuing it until the recent re-launched.

Hong Leong Essential Credit Card combines the best features of every credit card so you can enjoy the best of both worlds-the benefits of having multiple cards and the convenience of carrying just one.

The main benefit of Essential Credit Card are 1% unlimited cash back, low fee of 2% on cash advance, higher credit limit and Free for life.

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Hong Leong Flexi Fixed Deposit (FD)

hong leong bank

Hong Leong Bank introduce a new innovative product called Fixed FD Account. This product is the first of its kind in Malaysian market with an intelligent cash management feature. Flexi FD allow customers to do early FD withdrawal and the flexibility to withdraw at any 186 Hong Leong Bank Branches nationwide.

The product aim to ease customers by managing FD, current and savings at the same time. However, the most exciting feature about this product is, consumers will be able to earn high interest rates eventhough they make an early partial withdrawal of their FD.

Below are other exciting features regarding Hong Leong Flexi FD account.

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