Top 26 World’s Largest Sovereign Pension Funds, 2011

Previously, we looked at 2011 top 300 world’s largest pensions fund where Malaysian funds, namely Employees Provident Fund at position number 9. The different between sovereign and non-sovereign funds are the fund ownership.

Sovereign fund is established by national authorities for the meeting of pension liabilities. So, this raking is quite similar to world’s largest pension funds but without private funds such as General Motors pension funds.

EPF move 1 rank up from 6th spot in 2010 to 5th spot in 2011 with total assets grew from $109 billion to $146 billion. EPF even overtaking Singapore’s fund, Central Provident Fund

The table below shows top 26 world’s largest sovereign pension funds.

Rank Fund Country Total Assets ($mill)
1 Government Pension Investment Fund Japan 1,432,122
2 Government Pension Fund – Global Norway 550,858
3 National Pension Corporation Korea 289,418
4 Canada Pension Plan Canada 149,142
5 Employees Provident Fund Malaysia 145,570
6 Central Provident Fund Singapore 144,844
7 National Social Security Fund China 129,789
8 Government Employees (GEPF) South Africa 128,232
9 National Wealth Fund Russia 88,278
10 Fondo de Reserva de la Seguridad Social Spain 86,042
11 The Future Fund Australia 73,420
12 Employees’ Provident Fund India 60,078
13 Fonds de Réserve pour les retraites (FRR) France 49,454
14 Public Institute for Social Security Kuwait 46,851
15 Labor Pension Fund Taiwan 41,475
16 AP Fonden 3 Sweden 34,573
17 AP Fonden 2 Sweden 32,448
18 AP Fonden 1 Sweden 32,409
19 AP Fonden 4 Sweden 31,316
20 National Pensions Reserve Fund Ireland 31,009
21 Zilverfond / Fonds de Vieillissement Belgium 23,561
22 The State Pension Fund Finland 18,628
23 AP Fonden 7 Sweden 15,031
24 FEFSS Portugal 12,882
25 Fonds de Comp. de la Securite Sociale Luxembourg 11,613
26 The New Zealand Superannuation Fund New Zealand 10,553

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  • Of course ours logically should be bigger than Singopore’s..
    Our work force more than 5x than them, with almost the same policy of contribution there is nothing to be suprised..isnt it?

    Unless there is ratios against GDP etc..

  • What is the based currency? Based on the respective country?

  • ChampDog, the based currency is US dollar ($).

  • The most important things to fund management is the Risk Adjusted Return. that means whether our EPF can return the optimum return in term of the level of risk of investment EPF invested. These few years EPF have returned us some good investment return. I hope they can continue to these performance.


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