Why Should I Invest or Trade in US Stock Market?

nyse vs nasdaq

It’s not hard to understand the world’s enthusiasm for U.S. investments. No other international financial market comes close to the size, accessibility, transparency and liquidity of U.S. stock markets.

Below are 3 main reasons why you should invest or trade in US Stock Market.

1. U.S. Markets are Better Capitalized

The U.S. stock markets represent the biggest single concentration of wealth in history. In terms of market capitalization, no other financial market comes close to the combined U.S. stock markets. As of the end of 2009, the market capitalization of the NYSE was valued at US11.84 trillion.

Exchanges Market Capitalization

(USD Trillions)

NYSE $11.84
Tokyo $3.31
NASDAQ $3.24
Euronext $2.87
London $2.80
Shanghai $2.70
Hong Kong $2.31

2. U.S. Stock Markets are More Liquid

Just looking at the NYSE alone, the value of share trading for the whole year of 2007 was 5 times that of London, 4.5 times that of Tokyo, and 12 times that of Hong Kong. U.S. markets are still the biggest in terms of turnover as well as value. That means there’s a very high chance of finding a buyer or seller of any particular stock at any given time.

Exchanges Value of Share Trading in 2007

(USD Millions)

NASDAQ $28.95
NYSE $17.78
Shanghai $5.06
Tokyo $3.99
London $3.39
Euronext $1.98
Hong Kong $1.50

3. U.S. Stock Markets Offer Greater Diversification

U.S. markets offer access to a huge variety of U.S. companies seeking to raise capital. With almost 6,000 companies to select from, you can invest in major companies and brands from all over the world who list their shares on U.S. financial markets.

Exchanges Number of Companies
U.S.* 5,179
London 2,792
Tokyo 2,335
Hong Kong 1,319
Euronext 1,160
Shanghai 870

*Total of  NYSE + NASDAQ + AMEX

Source : Charles Schwab

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