OCBC Titanium Credit Card with 5% Cash Rebate

Credit Card

OCBC is upgrading their existing titanium credit card to offer an excellent cash rebate on all transaction made. The highest cash  rebate is 5% based on spending made on petrol, grocery, bills and dining. On other transaction, they offering 1% rebate.

On top of cash rebate, they also offer sign-up offers such as 0% interest, 0% balance transfer and no annual fee for first year. For subsequent years annual fees will be waive with 12 times transaction on previous year.

OCBC also may pay your annual RM50 government service tax is you spend more than RM10,000 per year.

Below are the details on OCBC Titanium Credit Card

  • 5% Cash rebate for Petrol, Groceries, Utility Bills and Dining and 1% on all other merchant categories.
  • Maximum monthly cash rebate of RM50. However, until 31st December 2010, the maximum cash rebate is RM100 for %5 categories & RM20 for 1% categories.
  • Easi-Payment Plan (EPP), balance transfers, cash advances, Call-For-Cash, Dial-a-cash, Dial-a-cheque, Cash Plus, outstanding balances, finance charges, late charges, reversals, fraudulent retail transactions and other fees and charges are not entitle for cash rebate.
  • The 5% Cash rebate and 1% Cash rebate will be reflected as credit entries in monthly card statement

Eligible merchants and their associated merchant category codes (“MCC”) under the OCBC Titanium Cash Rebate Programme are as follow:

5% Cash rebate on Petrol, Groceries, Utility Bills and Dining

  • Petrol/Gas Stations (MCC codes 5541 and 5542)
  • Grocery Stores (MCC codes 5411, 5422 and 5451)
  • Utility Bills (MCC codes 4814,s 4815, 4816,4821, 4899 and 4900)
  • Restaurant (MCC codes 5811, 5812, 5813 and 5814

1% Cash rebate on other categories

  • Any merchant categories that are not listed under the above 5% Cash rebate Petrol, Groceries, Utility Bills and Dining

For detail information kindly browse through OCBC Titanium webpage. Click here for terms and conditions.

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  • Sign… Look like I cannot apply this one too. Citibank just rejected my platinum card. Not enough income to apply. 🙁

    • I believe income requirement for Titanium card is much lower than titanium. Your internet income should be enough.

  • Click for my blog for cards comparison.

    The limitation of OCBC Titanium – RM50 per month ONLY.
    If you can spend more on credit card, you need more than a “CASH BACK” card.

    • Hi,

      I’m curious where do we get the MCC codes? Can I see it on the past credit card slip?

  • MCC not printed on the slips but I believe OCBC is very fair and honest in the promotion, e.g. even 99 SpeedMart qualifies for 5% rebate and all restaurants I tested with this card qualify for 5% too.

  • applied but rejected with no reason.

    sent email to re-appeal but no respond.


  • SM, maybe you can reapply again later. No harm.

  • Re-submit new application form yesterday via email cap [at] ocbc.com. Got SMS today saying my card on its way. huhu.

  • SM, I’m glad that you got it.

  • i am trying to apply for this card.

    officer helping me is lcly……… very lazy

    is there a limit to the rebate. as per one of the blogger’s reply.

    thank u.

  • coo, maximum monthly cash rebate is RM50

  • How long the rebate will last?

  • Y, as long as you still hold the card.

  • Hi,can u tell me the ocbc titanum card cash rebate for petro 5% 5541 and 5542,where is the placs tq


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