2010 Price & Capital Appreciation of Malaysian Property


When investing in property, one of the most important point to be taken is the location of the property. This will determine how much return the investor will gain from the purchase.

Before determining the exact location to the property, investors may want to know which state in Malaysia is giving the highest capital appreciation and also the average property price.

The table below are the average price and percentage price increase for residential property in all state in Malaysia. The data are from RAM Economics.

State Average Transaction Value (RM) 2010 Price Increase (%)
Kuala Lumpur 488,522 25.3
Putrajaya 310,625 -27.2
Pulau Pinang 265,078 17.1
Sabah 222,698 17.4
Labuan 204,852 -11.6
Johor 166,802 12.3
Sarawak 142,927 7.9
Pahang 127,159 8.4
Melaka 127,081 4.4
Kedah 122,772 -5.2
Negeri Sembilan 116,808 -2.4
Perlis 106,562 7.6
Perak 94,764 3.3
Kelantan 82,337 39.5
Terengganu 74,056 7.7

Data are obtain from Financial Independent Blog

From the table above, Kelantan has the highest capital appreciation and follow by Kuala Lumpur, Sabah & Penang. The worst are Putrajaya, Labuan, Kedah and Negeri Sembilan which experiencing reduction in price.

If you are investing in property, which state will be your choice?

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  • Thanks for the reference to my blog. Really appreciate that. 🙂 For me, I’m investing in Penang as I”m also staying there. 🙂

  • I would suggest maybe should take capital of each state to compare instead of average per state?

    Average may not be true 🙂

  • ChampDog, of course I’ll link back as I get the data from your blog. I’m looking at Selangor area.

    insane, that is the only data that I can find, courtesy of ChampDog.

  • Good info for property investor.

    Wonder why Negri Sembilan is not a good location as it is near to KL?

    Anyone have any ideas?



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