Beware of Rental Property Trap

rental property

If you have a rental property & your tenant fails to pay the rent, don’t ever think to reclaim your property by breaking in. It is againsts the law. Many landlords had been brought to court by tenants for breaking into their properties and were sued for the loss of their tenants’ assets including cash.

And the worst part is, it could be a trap laid by tenants who are looking for easy cash.

In the past three months, three such claims were made by tenants. All of them are Malaysians who are against their landlords. Their claims amounted to a total of RM117,000 in cash and assets.

If you facing similar problem, the proper way to handle the problem is to file for a distress order at a court. Under this order, landlords will be able to legally seize the premises and the tenant’s rent will be recovered through auctioning all assets found within it.

However, this process could take up to two months and might be costly in terms of legal and court fees.

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