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New HSBC VISA Signature with 5x Reward Points Programme

VISA Signature

Recently, HSBC Malaysia upgraded their VISA Platinum to VISA Signature Credit Card. All existing VISA Platinum card holders will be automatically upgraded to VISA Signature.

In conjunction with the the new VISA Signature launching, HSBC rewards 5 times more points for every RM spend at selected shopping malls, departmental stores, groceries and overseas usage on hotel & dining during the programme period.

Below are the details on the selected shopping malls, departmental stores, groceries.

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Compilation of Cash Rebate Credit Cards

Cash rebate credit cards are getting popular. More and more card issuers introduce cards with this features and many cardholders prefer this kind of benefits rather than reward points.

Due to so many choices, consumers may get confuse and do not know which card to apply. Hopefully, with this compilation or comparison, it will easier for them.

The table below is the list of cards that offers excellent cash rebate to the cardholders throughout the year. Bear in mind that cards that have limited time cash rebate or cash rebate promotions are excluded from the list.

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New 2011, Up to 12% Cash Rebate with Public Bank Credit Card

Public Bank has a new credit card promotion called “Swipe More & Get Rewarded with PB Credit Card”. Under this promotion, cardholders will earn up to 12% cash rebate on spending made with Public bank credit cards.

This promotion is valid from 1st March 2011 to 31th July 2011. During this promotion a total RM2.5 million cash back to be won by cardholders. This translate to RM500,00 cash back per month.

Under this promotion, cardholders who swipe at least 12 times per month will entitle for 12% cash rebate while cardholders who swipe at least 8 times per month will entitle for 8% cash rebate. All the spending must be in single receipt with minimum of RM80.

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New Guidelines for Credit Card Issuance and Usage

In the efforts to promote prudent financial management among credit card users and to ensure credit card debt remained at manageable levels, Bank Negara Malaysia announce new guidelines on credit cards.

It also also aimed to promote fair and responsible business practices by credit card issuers and to further enhance credit cards security.

Guidelines for Cardholders

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Hong Leong Fortune Credit Card with REAL Cash Rebate

Hong Leong Bank recently introduced Hong Leong Fortune Credit Card which offer real cash to card holders. Instead of reward points or cash back for the usage of the card, card holders will receive real cash. The cash will be accessible to card holders anytime, anywhere via HLB’s wide network of ATMs.

Card holders will earn 1 percent cash rebate on every spending such as from shopping, dining, petrol or anything else. On top of that, card holders are also eligible to earn cash bonus on card anniversary based on yearly spending amount.

Below are the main features of Hong Leong Fortune Credit Card;

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