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Public Bank Double Bonus with 15% Cash Back Promotion

The previous 15% Cash Back Promotion ended 30th June 2010. Public Bank is currently aggressive with credit card promotion extend the 15% cash back promotion with a new campaign called Public Bank Double Bonus. This campaign will reward up to RM2 million in cash & prizes to be won.


This promotion is valid from 1st October 2010 to 28th February 2011. Under this promotion, Public Bank credit card holders who spend on weekdays will earn 15% Cash Back and 10% Cash Back on weekend spending. All the spending must be in single receipt with minimum of RM50.

On top of cash rebate, card holders are eligible to won BMW 523i, Honda CRV and Nissan Grand Livina with every RM50 spending. Local purchase will earn 1 entry while overseas will earn 2 entries.

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How to Improve Your Chance of Getting Higher Credit Limit?

Credit ScoreMany credit card users want to get higher credit card limit. It allows them to purchase otherwise unaffordable items. First of all, consumers need to understand that getting a higher credit card limit, mean that they need to abide by the agreement issued by the credit card company.

These are seven tips toward getting higher credit card limit:

  1. The most important step in getting higher limit is by proving that you are creditworthy. This is often the first thing that companies and banks see when reviewing an application for higher credit limit.
  2. Spend near the card limit. Doing so conveys to your lender that you need higher limit and are capable of managing your expenses.

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Four Things You Should Know When Using Credit Cards Abroad

credit card tips

Credit cards are wonderful additions to any vacation, particularly when traveling abroad. They offer excellent exchange rates and safer than carrying around wads of cash. Additionally, you don’t need to waste too much time dealing with travelers checks.

Some merchants may politely ask if you want to convert your transaction into U.S. dollars. Pleased at their thoughtfulness, you could immediately agree because it is easier to work with a familiar currency.

However, upon returning home you discover that you’re subjected to a 10-percent mark-up on your purchases. That extra $12 is probably caused by unforeseen fees.

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Credit Card Debt Solutions


Family is very important in our life and they simply can make our stress melts away and our vacations worth having. Even so, keeping them well-fed and content can be rather expensive. Grocery bills may skyrocket once you start a family and stay in your own house, not to mention the medical bills, education cost and clothing. That’s the reasons why, we tend to charge excessively on our cards, our paycheck simply can’t keep up with those huge expenses.

In a family that has recently lose its main source of income, credit card debts can quickly add up, debt can pile up a lot faster than your dirty dishes. Those who have reached credit limit on their cards and can only afford to pay the minimum payment will see that the interest accrue and everything just snowballs. As the result, it’s quite easy for many people to see no end to their financial problems, eliminate their debts and secure their financial situation on the long term. Those in much worse situation may consider about filing for bankruptcy, face the prospect of losing their homes in foreclosure and constantly in fear of the repo man.

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New HSBC Advance Account


HSBC Bank, Malaysian largest foreign lender recently launched a new global offering called HSBC Advance. HSBC Advance offered customers an integrated account covering deposits, investments, insurance plans and credit cards. Customers would also be introduced to relationship-based banking.

It is aimed at supporting the growing pool of ambitious, financially-savvy mid-market customers aged between 25 and 45 to help them take control of their financial independence. HSBC Advance come with 2 variants namely HSBC Advance and its syariah-compliant version, HSBC Amanah Advance.

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