2011 Global Peace Index


The Global Peace Index (GPI) is a measure of relative position of nations and regions peacefulness. It was developed by Institute for Economics and Peace (IEP) and it was first launched in May 2007.

For 2011 index, it was released on 25th May 2011. The index based on 23 indicators and divided into three broad categories as below

  • Ongoing domestic and international conflict
  • Safety and security in society
  • Militarisation

In 2011, Malaysia ranked 19th out of 153 countries in the world, up 3 position from 22 in 2010. In the same year, Malaysia also ranked 4th in Asia Pacific behind New Zealand, Japan and Australia.

The table below is full list 2011 Global Peace Index.

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Petronas Revenue, Profit & Assets Size Since Year 2000

Petroliam Nasional Berhad

Petroliam Nasional Berhad (Petronas) was incorporated on 17 August 1974 as the national oil company of Malaysia to own and control of the petroleum resources in the country. It has grown into a fully integrated oil and gas corporation. In 2010, Petronas ranked 107 in the FORTUNE Global 500 largest corporations in the world.

Petronas revenue, profit and assets grows tremendously for the past 10 years. Petronas also pays a substantial amount of dividend to the government. Starting from 2013 onwards, they will pay 30 percent of net profit to government as dividend .

The table below is the financial summary of Petronas (Revenue, Profit & Assets Size) and the amount dividend they pay to government since year 2000.

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2011 IMD World Most Competitive Countries


The IMD World Competitiveness Yearbook (WCY) is the world’s most renowned and comprehensive annual report on the competitiveness of nations, ranking and analysis of how a nation’s environment creates and sustains the competitiveness of enterprises.

IMD analyze the countries based on four main criteria namely Economic Performance, Government Efficiency, Business Efficiency and Infrastructure.

Each of these factors is divided into 5 sub-factors which highlight every facet of the areas analyzed.

In 2011, Malaysia drop to 16th position from number 10th in 2010.

The table below shows the ranking of 59 countries in 2011 IMD World Competitiveness Yearbook.

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Best Managed Companies in Malaysia by FinanceAsia

Hong-Kong based FinanceAsia recently revealed a poll results for their 11th annual poll of Asia’s top companies. The pool has tallied votes from over 300 investors and analysts across the region.

The pools evaluate the companies on best managed company, best corporate governance, best investor relations, best corporate social responsibility, most committed to a strong dividend policy, best mid-cap, best small-cap, best CEO & best CFO.

The pool result from Malaysian companies are,

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2011 Ranking of Malaysian Banks Based on Assets Size & Market Capitalization


Finally, the merger between Hong Leong bank & EON bank has completed. This exercise creates Malaysian fourth largest bank based on assets size & market capitalization.

The table below shows the ranking of Malaysian Banks based on assets size and  market capitalization as of early 2011.

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