2011 Liveability Ranking for Major Cities in the World

Economic Intelligent Unit

Liveability Ranking published by Economist Intelligence Unit to access the living conditions in 140 cities around the world.

The ranking based on 30 indicators within 5 categories: stability; healthcare; culture and environment; education; and infrastructure. The survey gives an overall rating of 0-100, where 1 is intolerable and 100 being the most “ideal” city in the world for living.

In 2011, Kuala Lumpur at position 79 in Liveable Ranking. The table below shows the ranking for some of major cities in the world.

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2011 Forbes Global 2000 & Ranking for Malaysian Companies

The Forbes Global 2000 is an annual ranking of the top 2000 public companies in the world features in Forbes magazine. The ranking is based on four criteria namely  Sales, Profit, Assets and Market value.

The ranking was first published in 2003 and it is a useful indicator for leading public companies in the world.

For 2011 ranking, there are 20 Malaysian companies listed which represent 1 percent of companies in the list.

The table below is top 20 of 2011 Forbes Global 2000 and all the position of Malaysian companies in the list.

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World’s Largest Stock Exchange, Q4 2010

Stock Exchange

2010 was a good year for stock market world wide. Most of them are in positive territory and growth except for those country that affected by economic crisis such as Greece.

The following table shows world’s largest stock exchange  in terms of market capitalization as of 31st December 2010.

Bursa Malaysia retain its 24th position since Q3 2010 with 24% increase in market capitalization.

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2010 Top 15 Largest Stock Brokers Trading in Bursa Malaysia

The are many Stock Broker or also know as Participating Organization which license to trade in Bursa Malaysia. Full list can be found in Bursa Malaysia website here.

The table below shows top 15 largest stock brokers trade in Bursa Malaysia in 2010 based on Trading Value and Trading Volume.

The largest stock broker by trading value was CIMB Investment Bank with 9.80 percent from total trading value. On the other hand, the largest trading volume was OSK Investment Bank with 10.70 percent of 2010 trading volume. Seem like, people who trade via OSK like to invest in penny stock!.

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Top 50 Countries in 2011 Global Services Location Index (GSLI)

A.T. Kearney is a global management consulting firm. Every year they publish Global Services Location Index (GSLI) to rank top 50 countries in the most attractive offshoring destinations.

The measures based on 3 main criteria namely Financial Attractiveness, People Skills & Availability and Business Environment.

For 2011 AT Kearney GSLI, the top three slots are still occupied by three Asian countries namely India, China and Malaysia. These countries are at this position since the inception of GSLI in 2003.

Earlier, Malaysia manage to obtain a good rank in “2011 World Bank Top 30 Ease of Doing Business Countries” & “2010 IMD World Most Competitive Countries“.

The table below is top 50 countries according to 2011 Global Services Location Index (GSLI).

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