EPF Announced 6.0% Dividend for 2011


The Employees Provident Fund (EPF) announced dividend rate of 6.00 percent for the financial year ended 31st December 2011 after obtaining approval from Minister of Finance. It was the highest for the past 10 years and 20 basis points higher than 5.80 percent announced in 2010.

Kindly refer to “Historical Employees Provident Funds (EPF / KWSP) Dividend Rate” page for EPF dividend rate table & chart since 1952.

The total dividend payout stand at RM24.47 billion from RM27.24 billon investment income.  The payout representing an increase of 13.23 per cent compared to RM21.61 billion recorded in 2010. The remaining RM2.77 billion are used for net impairment allowance on financial assets, investment expenses, operating expenditures, statutory charges and dividend on withdrawals.

EPF continued to invest the bulk of its investment assets, or 60.79 per cent, in stable and conventional low risk fixed income instruments in order to deliver steady returns for the long-term. Equities represented 35.64 per cent of total assets while the remaining 3.18 per cent and 0.39 per cent were allocated for Money Market Instruments and Properties asset classes, respectively.

On 2011 investment income, equities were the largest income contributor at RM13.29 billion representing 48.81 per cent of total investment income.

This was followed by Loans and Bonds, Malaysian Government Securities and Money Market Instruments which contributed RM7.54 billion, RM5.63 billion RM656.36 million respectively.

The balance RM115.41 million or 0.43 per cent was contributed by Property and Miscellaneous Investment Income

As at 31 December 2011, EPF total investment assets continued to register healthy growth of 6.52 per cent to RM469.22 billion from RM440.52 billion recorded in 2010.

For those who have EPF i-Akaun, you may see the dividend was already credited to your account.

You may want to compare it with by using EPF Dividend Calculator.

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  • I just noticed something fishy, The statement for 2011 does not contain my employer contribution for the month of december and the divident is released. I was wondering is this a normal situation for everyone or the december payment is converted to the divident. Any Idea ?

    Short version : I have Jan until Nov only in my 2011 statement , and dec is missing


  • Bob, does the company that you are currently working transfer the money to EPF? Anyway dividend for December salary will be very small.

  • Hi 1-Million-dollar-blog,

    Yes i have a whole record that the company transferred the money completely.. No doubt about it where it’s not a small company. However, December amount is large where i am not happy to see my statement like that because it shall be correct with the right amount dumped in to the account.

    I agree , the dividend for December is very small… But there is something called opening balance for 2012. i checked carefully and noticed great amount missing.

    Admin , i have one question :- Just to double check …
    For example , we get our pay end of the month normally, 26th or 27th…
    Like december money will that reflect on Jan2012 or December statement . because i am very confuse on this one .. as i look at my statement … i see october goes in to Nov then Nov & Dec is missing.

    Any Idea ?

  • Normally the EPF contribution is lag by a month….at least mine is. It was confirmed noth by my HR and KWSP.

  • Election goodies? Lolx!!

  • Hi all.. i got my pelarasan dividen dd.. i am all good.. they fixed my issue. great job by KWSP. Hands Up!!! 🙂

  • Bob, good that you get the problem sort out. Did you call them or they just fixed it automatically?

  • Hi 1-million-dollar-blog

    I Emailed them, and they got my issues fixed.


  • Hi,

    i would like to know, whether KWSP fund has power of compounding, which re-invest just like other funds?


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