EPF Announced 6.35% Dividend for 2013


The Employees Provident Fund (EPF) announced dividend rate of 6.35 percent for the financial year ended 31st December 2013 after obtaining approval from Minister of Finance. It was the highest since year 2000 and 0.2% higher than 6.15 percent announced in 2012.

Kindly refer to “Historical Employees Provident Funds (EPF / KWSP) Dividend Rate” page for EPF dividend rate table & chart since 1952. You may want to compare it with by using EPF Dividend Calculator.

The total dividend payout stand at RM31.20 billion from RM35 billon investment income.  The remaining are used for investment expenses, operating expenditures, statutory charges and net impairment allowance on financial assets. The payout representing an increase of 12.81 per cent compared to RM27.45 billion recorded in 2012.

Equities emerged as the largest contributor to the EPF’s gross investment income in 2013, generating RM19.52 billion of income, a significant increase of 40.39 per cent compared with RM13.90 billion recorded in 2012.

EPF total investment assets as at 31 December 2012 stood at RM526.75 billion surpassing the half a trillion mark, up 12.31 per cent from RM469.04 billion recorded in the previous year. This increase was largely contributed by the positive net annual contributions from members and employers as well as consistent and encouraging investment performance across all asset classes.

For those who have EPF i-Akaun, you may see the dividend was already credited to your account. Alternatively, members could obtain their EPF account statement from the EPF kiosks or at any EPF branch starting from 17th February 2014.

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  • Dear KWSP

    Good job!!!
    for those who intent to utilize part of their KWSP Account 2 to buy unit trust, think twice. Can your unit trust give more than KWSP dividen?? not many can match it.

  • Are you sure razibar? 🙂 I think your statement is kind of naive. If you adopt the right strategies for unit trust, I am sure you can easily make more than 6.35% per year.

    Try the dollar cost averaging method buying unit trust, I can guarantee you that you are on the right track.

    Just my 2cents.

  • I do agree with Razibar at certain extend. Of cause, pick the right one unit trust, you may get, even much more than 6.35%. The challenge is how to pick the right one. In fact, I did a simple analysis, which everybody can do, which is finding out how many unit trusts are giving more than 5% annuity average for their recent 5 years performance. The answer is expected, definitely advised you, keeping the money in EPF is a wise option.

  • Hi Kent

    You’re right. Most of the unit trusts only promise good returns but not many can give better than KWSP on long term basis. However, I’m still holding to my Ittikal, PIEF and PIDF and sold the rests with losses . These 3 are the only counters still above KWSP.

  • I tend to think that EPF is trying to encourage members to keep their money there (especially those above 55 year old ) as more than 50 % of our money had been used by the government.


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