EPF Announced 6.9% and 6.4% Dividend for 2017


The Employees Provident Fund (EPF) announced dividend rate of 6.90 percent conventional savings and 6.4% for shariah savings for the financial year ended 31st December 2017. The dividend are 1.20 percent higher and 0.7 percent higher for conventional and shariah saving respectively than the 5.70 percent dividend announced in 2016.

Kindly refer to “Historical Employees Provident Funds (EPF / KWSP) Dividend Rate” page for EPF dividend rate table & chart since 1952. You may want to calculate the dividend received by using EPF Dividend Calculator.

The total dividend payout stand at RM44.15 billion and RM3.98 billion for conventional and shariah saving respectively.  for conventional and shariah saving respectively

For the conventional saving, the 6.9% dividend was the highest rate announced since 1997.

The remaining are used for investment expenses, operating expenditures, statutory charges and net impairment allowance on financial assets. The income is an increase of 5.25 per cent compared with the RM44.23 billion recorded in 2015.

Gross investment income for 2017 was RM53.14bil, the highest since the EPF’s establishment in 1951. Of the amount, a total of RM4.60bil was attributed to shariah saving, proportionate to its share of total shariah assets while RM48.54bil was attributed to conventional saving.

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