EPF Expected to Announce Higher Dividend for 2010


A source inform that Employees Provident Fund (EPF) is expected to announce 5.85 percent dividend for financial year end 2010. The final announcement is schedule to be made either by the end of February or early March.

The dividend is expected 0.2 percent higher than 2009 which was at 5.65 percent. Higher dividend is expected because EPF registered higher investment income at least in quarter 1 and 3 in 2010.

Kindly refer to “Historical EPF Dividend Rate” page for previous year dividend rate and chart since 1952.

The dividend rate was decided at a board meeting held last month and now waiting for final approval from the Finance Ministry.

In Q3 2010, EPF recorded RM5.75 billion investment income, raise 5.12 percent when compare in the same period in 2009. While in Q1 2010, the investment income increase 70.30 percent to RM5.55 billion when compare to the same period in 2009 which is only RM3.26 billion.

Currently, EPF has around 6.3 million contributors.

What do you think the final dividend rate? at 5.85%, lower or higher?

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  • I think it is fair relative to their asset allocation, which is heavy on the fixed income. On the flip side, the +0.2% from 09 is far to compensate the real inflation effect. Overall, it was fair but irs not good enough.

  • Wait until they make official announcement. It will be a suprise once they declare at 6.25%.

  • The final dividend at 5.85% is ok for me, so long it is higher than last year. I foresee that If Q4 income is
    1. 5.0 billion, we will see a 5.85% dividend,
    2…5.50 billion, we will see a 5.95% dividend, and
    3…6.0 billion, we will see a 6.10% dividend
    Please see this post EPF dividend 2010


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