KFH Personal Loan-i with 4.99% Profit Rate


Kuwait Finance House (KFH) has a very competitive personal loan package with profit rate (interest rate) as low as 4.99% per annum.

Unfortunately, the loan package is only for government staff and government agency, which have salary deduction via Coshare Holding Berhad’s (Coshare) / i.destinasi sdn bhd deduction.

Another benefit of personal loan from KFH is fast approval and 100% payout.

The table below is the features of the loan package.

Items Details
Maximum Loan (RM) 200,000
Minimum Loan (RM) 5,000
Profit Rate (% per annum) 4.99
Financing Tenures (years) 3 to 20
Maximum Salary Deduction (%) 60
Minimum Salary including allowances (RM per mth) 1,000 including fixed allowance
Eligibility Age between 19 to 58 years. Permanent Position.

For more information kindly browse to KFH webpage.

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  • what about if working with glc company….like m.a.s…..why most bank personal loan are for govt only….what about us who working with private sector…..

  • Normally GLC also eligible, sometimes listed company also eligible.

    Sometimes, private sector also eligible but at higher interest rate.

    Maybe banks think, working in private sector is not stable, can get terminated or company go bankrupt anytime haha.

  • ASALAM ALYEKUM,As Tanzanian how should i getting this loan ,since im very surd i need it but im not sure if i can obtain from other banks without avoiding ri-baa


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