KNM Fair Value/Target Price Compilation, Jun 2011


KNM shares price has been beaten again recently due to lower than expected earnings for first quarter ending 31st March 2011. On 30th May 2011 KNM share price closed at RM2.10.

This is the second time this year, KNM share price drop drastically. In February 2011, the price drop from RM2.80 to RM2.30 due to lowest recorded profit. But the price recover to RM2.85 in 2 weeks.

Despite the negative news, many research houses are still maintaining a “buy” call for KNM because their order book is still strong. They believe, it is a good opportunity to accumulate KNM share due to lower share price.

The table below are the compilation of KNM fair value /  target price various research house.

Research House Target Price (RM) Rating
ECMLibra 1.68 Hold
HWangDBS 3.35 Buy
Kenanga 2.50 Buy
Maybank 2.00 Hold
MIDF 3.20 Buy
OSK 3.91 Buy
RHB 1.91 Sell
TA 3.20 Buy

Would you buy KNM shares at the current price?

If you have fair price or target price from another research house kindly leave in the comment section.

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  • I bought KNM at 2.08, but today (15-8-2011) the price going to 1.54. Can it price back to 3.0 above within this year.

  • sadun, I think it will be back, just don’t know when. I bought higher price than you.

  • the price has dropped to 1.38 now. Are you all still so confident it will increase to 3 above within this year?

  • I don’t think it will go to RM3 this year.

  • this counter is suck. EPF is throwing their share every single week. my money all stuck here……..PUICK!

  • jj dun worry . the knm share will rebound one day. pls clam down. i was bought 2.70 and 2.50. i very confident that the EPF will buy back the knm share and push up the price to 4.00


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