OSK Construction Sector Stock Picks, Apr 2012

In view of the bullish sentiment in global equity markets as well as the increasingly upbeat sentiment on the construction sector fuelled by the flow of positive news, OSK is maintaining OVERWEIGHT call on the sector.

There are plenty of trading opportunities in the run-up to the official awards of contracts by the Government.

Given the ruling Government’s focus on getting a two-thirds majority in the upcoming General Election, OSK do not expect further delays in the implementation of these mega billion-ringgit infrastructure projects as the ruling coalition goes all out to win the hearts and votes of the rakyat.

Below are the target price, market capitalization and rating for selected stocks in construction sector.

Stock Price (RM) Target (RM) Market Cap (RMmil) Rating
AZRB 0.845 0.91 233.9 Neutral
Gamuda 3.63 4.58 7,536.0 Buy
HSL 1.57 1.99 914.8 Buy
IJM 5.62 6.55 7,764.6 Tr Buy
Kim Lun 1.57 2.37 377.5 Buy
Mudajaya 2.91 3.72 1,597.0 Buy
TRC 0.71 0.84 337.5 Tr Buy
WCT 2.45 3.17 2,002.5 Buy

Source : OSK Research

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  • Hi, what is Tr Buy ??

    • Tr Buy is Trading Buy.

      Trading Buy – Share price may exceed 15% over the next 3 months, however longer-term outlook remains uncertain


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