ASB Stock Market Portfolio & Unitholder Distributions for 2013


ASB pay 8.70 sen in dividend and bonus for financial end 2013. This comprise of 7.7 sen dividend and 1.0 sen bonus. In the same period, a total of 8.26 million peoples subscribe to ASB with total fund size of more than RM127.26 billion. At this size, ASB is the biggest funds that manage by ASNB.

In summary, ASB invest more than 70% of the total funds size in Malaysia Stock Market. The remaining is in cash or other income instrument.

The following table show 20 largest stock portfolio held ASB, unitholder distribution and investment income for financial end of 31st December 2013.

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Amanah Saham Bumiputera 2 Officially Launched

ASB2As highlighted during 2014 budget, on 2nd April 2014 Permodalan Nasional Berhad (PNB) officially launched Amanah Saham Bumiputera 2 (ASB2) fund. This is the 10th fund managed by PNB & it is aimed to empower the Bumiputra economy. The fund size is 10 billion units.

ASB2 is a fixed price fund at RM1 each unit. Most of the fund features, are very much similar to first ASB except that ASB2 fund is Mixed-Type fund rather than Equity.

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Top 26 World’s Largest Sovereign Pension Funds, 2013

Sovereign pension fund is a fund established by national authorities to meet of pension liabilities. In Malaysia, there are 2 sovereign pension funds namely, Employees Provident Fund (EPF) and Kumpulan Wang Persaraan (KWAP). However, only EPF was listed in top 26 largest Sovereign Pension Funds. The data shown here are as of end 2012 & early 2013.

EPF down 1 spot from 6th spot in 2012 to 7th spot in 2013 with total assets grew from $153.9 billion to $175.7 billion or 14.2%. The top spot retained by Japanese Government Pension Investment Fund with the fund size exceeding $1.29 trillion.

The table below is top 26 world’s largest sovereign pension funds.

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National Achievers Congress 2014 – Success without Limits

National Achivers 2014 CongressWe often complain about how our lives don’t go the way as planned and come up with excuses why we are not as successful as we could in our finances, relationships or career. Sounds familiar? This is the golden opportunity for you to attend The National Achievers Congress 2014 (NAC 2014), a 3 day intensive seminar featuring inspiring world-class speakers all in one venue.

This year’s NAC 2014 returns on a larger scale in Malaysia with an expected crowd of 4000-5000 people. Our keynote speaker will be Nick Vujicic, an international inspirational speaker and best-selling author born with neither arms nor legs. Growing up, Nick learnt to complete tasks like brushing his teeth and hair, typing, and playing sports. He still had to overcome being bullied in school and depression because of his condition.

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Should First-time Property Buyers Opt for Beginner Home or Eternal Home?

New Bob GroupWith the booming property market in Malaysia and continual escalating prices of properties, various property buyers often find themselves resorting to downgrade their ideal home from a two-storey linked house to a two-bedroom condominium. If you are a prospective first-time homebuyer, you are likely to encounter the first of many challenging decisions which is to either get a beginner home or save up for your eternal home.  Everyone tends to define differently on what constitutes a “beginner home” or an “eternal home”.

Generally, a beginner home entails a joyful living for the homebuyers for at least five years or merely something that is ideal for a single individual. On the contrary, an eternal home refers to a home that homebuyers can envision themselves living for the rest of their lives when they start a family. As of late, home-buying behaviours have fluctuated as much as interest rates. First-time homebuyers tend to shop for homes that fit their budget rather than preference. Be it a beginner home or the wait for your eternal home, there are pros and cons to take note.

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