Rental Yields & Tenancy Agreement Stamp Duty Calculation

 I just added 2 new online calculators which I think will be useful, especially for property investors out there. These calculators made specifically for property investors who rent out their property.

First, Property Rental Yields Calculator use to determine whether a property worth to be invested as rental income. Second, Tenancy Agreement Stamp Duty Calculator to find our the cost to stamp the rental agreement.

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IPO Calendar & Legal Fees and Stamp Duty Calculator Update

 There is a new feature in 1-million-dollar-blog called IPO Calendar. This feature created specially for IPO lovers ( including me!) so that it is much easier to keep track & remember important IPO dates. The data for all IPOs in 2013 was filled in.

Check out IPO Calendar page & let me know if there is missing or inaccurate data by filling out the contact form.

On top of that, I also update Legal Fees and Stamp Duty Calculator to include Stamp Duty on loan. For bloggers or webmasters, if you would like to embed the calculator in your website kindly check the widgets page on how to do that. There are 7  types of calculators that you can choose.

What is Net Worth & How to Calculate?

Net WorthNet worth can be a useful tool to measure individual financial progress. It can be determined by subtracting total liabilities from total assets at a specific time. If assets is more than liabilities, individual will have a positive net worth. If otherwise, it will be negative wet worth.

The goal is to work towards a positive net worth. This indicates debt-free status or capability to pay all debt.

It doesn’t offer information about cash flow, or monthly income and expenses. However, it does provide insight regarding how well you’re accomplishing your long-term financial goals.

Calculate Net Worth

To calculate net worth, the first thing to do is to list up all assets and liabilities.

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How to Calculate Gearing, Premium & Cash Settlement for Call Warrants?

Call Warrant is an alternative investment that investor can invest in Bursa Malaysia. It can be traded through remisiers or via online trading, which is similar to trading shares.

The advantage of call warrants is that, it has unlimited upside similar to buying the underlying asset, but the loss is limited to the amount initially invested in the call warrant.

In order to make trading decision, normally investors look at gearing, premium, cash settlement & expiry date.

Below is the formula to how calculate call warrant gearing, premium and cash settlement. Alternatively, you may want to use free online call warrants calculator. The online calculator will calculate these parameters together with the trading profit or loss.

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How to Calculate Monthly Home Loan Repayment?

The calculation for monthly home loan repayment is different than the hire purchase or personal loans. It is based on principle loan balance (reducing balance) instead of total loan, which normally used in hire purchase or personal loan.

The advantage of principal loan balance over total loan is the total interest (profit) paid to the bank getting lesser as times go by.

For those who like to calculate the monthly home loan repayment on your own, you may use the following formula,

Alternatively, you may want to use an online home loan calculator.

Formula for Monthly Repayment

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