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How to Calculate EPF Dividend?

The calculation for EPF dividend is not straight forward. It is not calculated by simply multiply the total contribution or year end balance with the declared dividend rate.

The way EPF dividend calculated is based on daily rest. Means that, dividend is calculated based on daily balanced of each account 1 and 2. However, please bear in mind the following,

  • Monthly contribution start earnings dividend only on the last day of the month irrespective the actual day the monthly contribution is deposited.
  • For withdrawal, dividend for the withdrawal sum is only eligible up to the day prior to withdrawal day. No dividend will be given on the withdrawal day.

The following is simple example on how to calculate. Alternatively, you may want to use online “EPF Dividend Calculator

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How to Calculate Legal Fees & Stamp Duty when Buying a Property?

Everyone would like to buy a property, either for own stay or for an investment. However, do you know that on top of the property price, you have to pay a substantial amount of money for legal or lawyer fees and stamp duty?

Legal fees is payable to the appointed lawyer who will prepare Sale & Purchase Agreement between purchaser and vendor. On other hand, Stamp Duty which also known as Memorandum Of Transfer (MOT) is payable to the government & collected by Lawyer on behalf of the government.

Below is the details on how to calculate Legal Fees & Stamp Duty or else you may use online Legal Fees & Stamp Duty calculator.

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Credit Card Interest Rate, Charges & Debt Calculator

Credit card users are encourage to disipline themself when spending and make their monthly payment promptly. This is because credit card interest rates for outstanding balance is very high. The best practise is to make full payment on all outstanding balance every month.

Most banks in Malaysia offered tiered interest as per Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) credit card interest rate structure which last revised in March 2009.

The tiered interest rate structure rewards those who pay their credit card bills promptly. Below are the details on tiered credit card interest rate structure.

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Online Calculators Page on 1-million-dollar-blog

Recently, a new page called “Calculators” was added to the blog. This page will contains many finance and investment related calculators. The aim is to allow 1-million-dollar-blog readers to do calculation easily prior to make financial or investments decisions.

For a start, Earnings Per Share (EPS), Price Earnings Ratio (PE) and Dividends Yield Calculator was added recently. This calculator will allow readers to do calculation prior to making investment in Stock Market.

If you have any comments and suggestion on calculator page please leave it here as comments on Calculators page are disabled. You are also welcome to suggest new calculators to include in the page.