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Charts for Historical Foreign Exchange or International Reserves for Malaysia


Foreign exchange reserves are the foreign currency deposits that held by central banks and monetary authorities. In Malaysia it is also known as International Reserves. It comprices of Foreign Currency, IMF Reserve Position, SDRs, Gold and Other Reserve Assets.

As of 29th January 2010, International Reserves for Malaysia is at USD97 billion (MYR332.2) and Malaysia is at 16th position when compare with other nation. International Reserves data are released by Bank Negara Malaysia twice a month.

Below are the chart for Malaysian International Reserves since end of 1999. The chart will be updated regularly. You may bookmark this page instead of this post for easy access.

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What is Baltic Dry Index (BDI)?

Baltic Dry Index (BDI) or also known as the “Dry Bulk Index” is a shipping and trade index created by the Baltic Exchange which is based in London. BDI is a daily average of prices to transport raw materials such as cements, fuels, grains and metals across the sea.

The Baltic Exchange, global marketplace for brokering shipping contracts, will directly contacts the shipping brokers to assess the price levels for a given route, product to transport and time to delivery (speed). The index is quoted every working day at 1300hr London time.

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