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LKL International IPO Oversubscribed by 92.84 times

LKL International BerhadLKL International Berhad Initial Public Offering (IPO) received an overwhelming response with its public portion of 8 million shares. It was oversubscribed by 92.84 times. The IPO attract 12,642 applications for 750.7 million shares. 9.32 million new shares initially reserve to the Bumiputera investors under MITI, were made available to Malaysian Bumiputera.

Notices of Allotment will be dispatched by post to all successful applicants on or before 13th May 2016. LKL International Berhad is expected to be listed on the ACE Market of Bursa Malaysia on 19th April 2016 under stock name “LKL”.

Below are the allotment summary.

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Balance Transfer Promotion, Clear Your Credit Card Debt Now

A credit card balance transfer is the transfer of the balance or debt in a credit card account to an account held at another credit card company.

Due to recent credit card tax imposed by government, many credit cards issuers is doing balance transfer promotions as part of their strategy to retain its customer. The credit card issuers are giving a great promotions ranging RM50 rebate per balance transfer to 0% interest free balance transfer. Actually this is great for customers. It will offer great saving for those who would like to use this facility.

If you have unsettle credit card debt, it is wise to do balance transfer in order to save the interest. With such a low balance transfer fee, it is certainly much better than personal loan to clear out credit card debt.

Below are list of recent balance transfer promotion.

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Fabulous Discount & Cash Rebates with CIMB & Directaccess Credit Card


Just a few days after launching CIMB Smart Flexi-Pay Plan promotion, CIMB strike again with CIMB Smart Rewards campaign. With this campaign CIMB and Direct Access Credit Card user will enjoy very attractive up to 20% discount everyday and up to 10% cash rebate every Sunday on selected merchant.

20% everyday discount campaign will end 31st December 2009 while 10% every Sunday cash rebate will end 30th September 2009. To enjoy this fabulous offer, all you have to do is charge your CIMB or Direct Access Credit Card at the selected merchant. Below are the details on which merchants are selected and how much benefit you will gain,

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Which Card to Use at Petrol Pump?

Nowdays, more and more people are using Credit or Debit Cards at petrol pump. The main reason is you do not need to que up at the counter for the payment. Another great reason on why we must use Credit or Debit Cards at petrol pump is because of the extra benefit that we going to receive.

What kind of benefit that you going to received? Well I think a lot of people are already aware of the current trend for banks in Malaysia to issue Credit or Debit Cards that offer cash rebate or higher rewards point to their customers. The cash rebate varies from the 2% to 7% and this depend on bank issuers. Regarding the higher rewards point, as far as I know at the time of writting, there is only Maybank issuing this card.

If you are looking for this kind of Credit or Debit Cards in Malaysia, then you are at the right place. Here are the lists;

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Truly Free for Life Credit Cards With No Condition

After searching around for truly free for life credit cards with no condition, I finally manage to gather 8 types of credit cards that available at the time of writing. There are;

Affin Bank Mastercard & VISA

American Express Gold Credit Card

CIMB Islamic Mastercard

CIMB Petronas Mastercard (Classic, Gold & Platinum)

CIMB Platinum Mastercard

CIMB World Mastercard

CIMB VISA Infinite

Direct Access Mastercard & VISA (All Cards)

Maybank Petronas VISA (Gold & Platinum)

If you find out that any of the above information is incorrect or missing information, fell free to leave your comments,