Up to 10% Cash Rebate with PB REAL Cash II Back Promotion

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Public Bank recently relaunch their PB Smart Rebate II promotion which introduced in October 2009 and rename it to PB REAL Cash Back Promotion. They are still offering 10% Cash Rebate but in much better terms this time. Its similar to their first PB Smart Rebate I promotion in June 2009. I believe Public Bank is trying to retain their credit card holders by providing them with better promotion. Or else they may cancel their cards due to newly introduced tax.

Under this promotion, Public Bank credit card holder who made their spending either local or overseas will entitle 8% cash rebate on retail transactions. Additional 2% cash rebate will be awarded if the transaction made overseas, sign up for new Zero Interest Instalment Plan (ZIPP) and new balance transfer. The promotion is valid from 1st December 2009 to 31st March 2010.

If you interested to participate in this promotion, you have to register your Public Bank credit card via SMS. To register send SMS through your mobile number by typing “PBCB {space} 16-digits card no” to 32968. It is one time registration and you will be charged 30cents.

These are the details regarding the cash rebate promotion,

  • The Promotion is only open to all Principal PB Credit Cardmembers except for PB Visa Electron Debit, PB Visa Day2Day, PB UTAR, PB TARC, and PB ING Debit MasterCard Cardmembers.
  • SMS registration is compulsary but for only one time. RM0.30 will be charge.
  • To enjoy the 8% cash rebate you need to swipe at least 8 times in a calender month and no minimum transaction amount is required
  • 8% Cash rebate is applicable for retail transactions except for online purchase, auto-debit, flexipay, recurring payment (inclusive of utilties, direct marketing and insurance premium), cash advance and quasi cash.
  • For 8% rebate, each cardmember only entitle for maximum of RM50 cash rebate per month.
  • For 2% rebate each cardmember only entitle for maximum of RM30 cash rebate per month.
  • Cash back are in addition to the generic Cash Megabonus & Reward Point.
  • A maximum total of RM450,000 Cash Back is available each month under this promotion and based on first come first served basis.

On top of this promotion, card holders who has newly approved application via online, will enjoy 8% cash rebate on all transaction without the need to do 8 times transaction. Maximum, cash rebate is RM80 & only applicable for the first month following the approval.

Click here for Public Bank promotion page.
Click here for Terms and Condition.

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