Rental House

Income derived from a rental property is taxable. If you own a rental property, the rental income obtained should be declared in your income tax return form.

Bear in mind that not all monetary transaction between the house owner & tenant is taxable. Also remember that certain expenses on the rental property are eligible for deduction to reduce the income tax.

Take a look at the following scenario.

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Stock Exchange

2010 was a good year for stock market world wide. Most of them are in positive territory and growth except for those country that affected by economic crisis such as Greece.

The following table shows world’s largest stock exchange  in terms of market capitalization as of 31st December 2010.

Bursa Malaysia retain its 24th position since Q3 2010 with 24% increase in market capitalization.

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Despite relatively strong results from a number of Blue Chips in February, the market still retreated and ended up in the red so far in 2011. Selling was largely attributed to concerns arising from political unrest in the Middle East but the risk is limited if this does not spread to Saudi Arabia.

With the 4Q2010 earnings results season over, OSK unveil new 2011 KLCI year-end target of 1680 pts, which is the average of the 2011 KLCI fair value (1648 pts) and that for 2012 of 1710 pts.

OSK continue to advocate Buying into Weakness for sectors such as Banking and to trade in O&G, Construction and Property plays. OSK also adding a slightly defensive flavor to our Top Buys for March. While the market remains volatile for now, OSK see an election driven rally towards year-end.

The table below are the target price for March 2011 top picks.

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ManagePay Systems Berhad Initial Public Offering (IPO) received an overwhelming response with its Malaysian public portion of 9.15 million shares. It was oversubscribed by 46.04 times. The IPO attract 6,858 applications or 430.50 million shares.

All the 32.9 million of new shares made available for private placement to identified investors have been placed out.

Below are the allotment summary

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KNM shares price has been beaten recently due to its net profit fell to its lowest level in five year. On 2nd March KNM closed at RM2.34

However, many research houses are still maintaining a “buy” call for KNM on the positive sentiment that its current fiscal year would be better than 2010.

The table below are the target price for KNM from various research house.

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