For financial end of 31st August 2010, ASW 2020 declared 6.35 sen dividend to the unitholders. In the same period,  892,670  peoples subscribe to ASW 2020 up from 872,599 in 2009. The total fund size was RM13.1 billion up from RM11 billion in 2009. At the time of writing,  ASW 2020 is fully subscribed with total fund size of RM14 billion.

In summary, ASW 2020  invest 64.85 percent of the total funds size in Malaysia Stock Market up from 59.71 percent in 2009. The remaining was invested in money market and others.

The following table show 20 largest stock portfolio held ASW 2020, unitholder distribution and investment income for financial end of 31st August 2010.

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The 10th Sarawak state election should be held this year before its official deadline of 23 July. OSK study the share price performance of 5 Sarawak-based contractors during the 2006 election. They found that their share prices did indeed outperform 6M and 3M before the polls but underperformed 3M after election.

Investors can consider riding on this election play but advised that they lock in gains on Nomination Day, which is usually 1-2 weeks before the actual polls. OSK have a BUY rating on Naim, HSL and KKB while CMS and Zecon are NOT RATED.

The table below are the target price for constructions stocks to look for 10th Sarawak state election.

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A.T. Kearney is a global management consulting firm. Every year they publish Global Services Location Index (GSLI) to rank top 50 countries in the most attractive offshoring destinations.

The measures based on 3 main criteria namely Financial Attractiveness, People Skills & Availability and Business Environment.

For 2011 AT Kearney GSLI, the top three slots are still occupied by three Asian countries namely India, China and Malaysia. These countries are at this position since the inception of GSLI in 2003.

Earlier, Malaysia manage to obtain a good rank in “2011 World Bank Top 30 Ease of Doing Business Countries” & “2010 IMD World Most Competitive Countries“.

The table below is top 50 countries according to 2011 Global Services Location Index (GSLI).

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Since March 2010, EPF reveal its top 30 equity investments in Bursa Malaysia on quarterly basis. The aim for this is to promote greater transparency and to reassure members that investment undertaken are in the best interest of growing their retirement savings and in accordance to best practices in investment and governance.

The table below are the quarter 4 2010 Top 30 Equity Investments in companies listed on Bursa Malaysia as of 31th December 2010.

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A source inform that Employees Provident Fund (EPF) is expected to announce 5.85 percent dividend for financial year end 2010. The final announcement is schedule to be made either by the end of February or early March.

The dividend is expected 0.2 percent higher than 2009 which was at 5.65 percent. Higher dividend is expected because EPF registered higher investment income at least in quarter 1 and 3 in 2010.

Kindly refer to “Historical EPF Dividend Rate” page for previous year dividend rate and chart since 1952.

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