2011 Fortune Global 500, World’s Largest Companies


The Fortune Global 500 is an annual ranking of the top 500 corporations or companies worldwide as measured by revenue. The list is compiled and published annually by Fortune magazine.

The list was first publish in 1989 but only cover US industrial companies. In 1995, the list changed to include all companies & sectors.

The latest 2011 ranking was published on 25th July 2011. Wal-Mart Stores managed to retain their top spot. There is only one (1) Malaysian company managed to be in the list of 2011 Fortune Global, namely Petronas at 86th position.

The table below is top 20 of Fortune Global 500.

Company Rank Country Revenues Profits
2011 2010 ($ millions) ($ millions)
Wal-Mart Stores 1 1 US 421,849 16,389
Royal Dutch Shell 2 2 Netherlands 378,152 20,127
Exxon Mobil 3 3 US 354,674 30,460
BP 4 4 Britain 308,928 -3,719
Sinopec Group 5 7 China 273,422 7,629
China National Petroleum 6 10 China 240,192 14,367
State Grid 7 8 China 226,294 4,556
Toyota Motor 8 5 Japan 221,760 4,766
Japan Post Holdings 9 6 Japan 203,958 4,891
Chevron 10 11 US 196,337 19,024
Total 11 14 France 186,055 14,001
ConocoPhillips 12 17 US 184,966 11,358
Volkswagen 13 16 Germany 168,041 9,053
AXA 14 11 France 162,236 3,641
Fannie Mae 15 270 US 153,825 -14,014
General Electric 16 13 US 151,628 11,644
ING Group 17 12 Netherlands 147,052 3,678
Glencore International 18 NA Switzerland 144,978 1,291
Berkshire Hathaway 19 28 US 136,185 12,967
General Motors 20 38 US 135,592 6,172
Petronas 86 107 Malaysia 76,876 17,479

The full list can be viewd at CNN Money website.

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  • Still Walmart??

  • Petronas has improved its position… if we look at profits, its position is among the best in the list!…keep it up

  • Improved its position?? OMG!! Read Tony Pua’s book “The Tiger That Lost Its Roar” and you’ll see the all the shit the current Government is making out from PETRONAS.

    We might think on a one fine (or not so fine) day 20 years from now wishing that we don’t have PETRONAS in the first place. It’s weakening our country’s competiting ability and make us like a drug addicts to oil!

    • Chong,

      Why the emotion? …and all the negative? We are talking abt Petronas performance here… pls support ur arguments w valid data.

  • Kingjoke,

    This is not about emotion, it’s about facts and reality.

    See the link:

    Where do you think PETRONAS will be in the next 20 years? It’s high up in the sky now because the oil price is high. Well, oil price will still remain high, but definitely not our reserves and the reinvestment PETRONAS put in.

    So, you think we can still generate the same $$$ at that time?

    • Chong,

      …you see u’re bashing the current gov and petronas. Talking abt how gov spent petronas money is totally different issue… and i agree it is debatable… and u refering ur argument to a strong dap man. Well what can i say, it’s politics… it is their work as opposition to always critisise and blamming the gov. But this post is all abt world largest compnies comparing their ranking. Pls keep to the topic. Bashing an outstanding Petronas performance is NOT acceptable! Its shows unmaturity. We are small country. We are not even an opec country. Petronas is relatively a young company if we compare to the giant shell, esso etc. Most of the petronas revenues are fr international operation. Only 20% of total revenue are fr domestic operation (Petronas annual report 2010). They work vy hard and they deserve good things. Well done petronas…

  • Always bear in mind that PETRONAS is a GLC. So, how can a company with this kind of nature be separated from politics?

    Then again, I do hope PETRONAS performs well; not only now but 20 years down the road. Let’s pray that it’s still in the list by then …


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