IHH Healthcare IPO Oversubscribed by 5.45 times

IHH Healthcare BerhadIHH Healthcare Berhad Initial Public Offering (IPO) received an overwhelming response with its public portion of 161.14 million shares. It was oversubscribed by 5.45  times. The IPO attract 65,834 applications or 1.04 billion shares.

The Institutional Price was fixed at RM2.80 per Offer Share. Accordingly, the Final IPO Price for the Retail Offering is fixed at RM2.80 per Offer Share. The difference of RM0.05 per IPO Share will be despatched to successful retail applicants within 10 market days from 16 July 2012.

The IPO allocate 208.51 million shares for public. Of these, 80.57 million shares were allocated for Bumiputera category while 80.57 million shares were allocated for Malaysian Public category.

Below are the allotment summary for public portion.

Allotment summary for Bumiputera portion

Denomination No of Application No of Successful Application % Chance Share / Successful Applications
From to
100 200 105 21 20.00 100
300 900 162 46 28.40 300
1,000 1,900 2,590 1,301 50.23 1,000
2,000 2,900 1,476 760 51.49 2,000
3,000 3,900 1,278 670 52.43 3,000
4,000 5,900 2,096 1,130 53.91 4,000
6,000 10,900 3,556 1,950 54.84 6,000
11,000 19,900 2,481 1,380 55.62 9,000
20,000 49,900 3,490 1,960 56.16 14,000
50,000 99,900 896 515 57.48 20,000
100,000 199,900 462 285 61.69 22,000
200,000 499,900 138 98 71.01 24,000
500,000 999,900 23 17 73.91 26,000
1,000,000 ABOVE 10 10 100 28,000
18,763 10,143

Allotment summary for Public portion

Denomination No of Application No of Successful Application % Chance Share / Successful Applications
From to
100 200 181 21 11.60 100
300 900 390 46 11.79 300
1,000 1,900 7,497 1,124 14.99 1,000
2,000 2,900 4,903 750 15.30 2,000
3,000 3,900 4,111 660 16.05 3,000
4,000 5,900 5,373 916 17.05 4,000
6,000 10,900 9,623 1,735 18.03 6,000
11,000 19,900 9,547 1,815 19.01 9,000
20,000 49,900 9,481 1,896 20.00 14,000
50,000 99,900 2,546 535 21.01 20,000
100,000 199,900 1,172 258 22.01 22,000
200,000 499,900 242 58 23.97 24,000
500,000 999,900 44 15 34.09 26,000
1,000,000 ABOVE 60 30 50.00 28,000
55,170 9,859

Notices of Allotment will be dispatched by post to all successful applicants on or before 24th July 2012. IHH Healthcare is expected to be listed on the Main Market of Bursa Malaysia on 25th July 2012 under stock name “IHH”.

Details information are available in Bursa Malaysia webpage.

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  • 1mdb,

    Why the figure of “% chance” of bumi portion differ from the MIH’s?


  • I noticed the ballot illustration of the bumi portion is entirely unbelieveable, having such low percentage for successful applicants, if ever so it is history. I can get the real actual fiqure at MIH website which is 100% reliabe not yours. TQ.

  • Sorry guys, I’ve made the correction.

  • Anyone know when we can know individual application result?

  • RR, if you apply through online banking, you can see the result on Monday or Tuesday.

    • Hi. Thanks. Not able to get it. Do you know when the money will be returned in the case of unsuccessful application?

      • Should be very soon. I’ve got my partial refund today.

        • Which bank are you using? You got a portion of application amount?

          • I apply through CIMBClicks. I’ve got the IPO but only partially. They refunded the rest.

  • Hi, I applied the IPO via M2U. The results show unsuccessful but still not getting my money back yet. I think next time I will use CIMB as service is better.

  • normally M2u very fast refund once result out as unsuccessful like Bumi Armada last year almost immediately…but for IHH i tried Cimbclicks and the service not as bad as i’ve been told..got my portion & refunded the rest this morning…now must wait till 25th July for the real show anxiously…so far GMB & FGVH never failed me on opening…hope for the same fate on IHH..1MDB whats your TP?

  • serd82, I’m looking at 10 to 15 % on the first day… How about you?

    • judging from FV from research houses 10-15cent premium is possible..only thing i’m thinking to hold it longer cos healthcare stock should be good bet against any crisis as people get sick in good or bad time..till then let the show begin on 25th of July.

  • 1Mdb, any idea how IHH ipo in lioncity, how many time oversubscribe?

  • jofak, this is what I found in the internet

    “IHH Healthcare says Singapore IPO public tranche 10.1 times oversubscribed”

  • I got 9 lots of IHH but im a bit worry about d opening px… Many research house said the ipo px is very expensive… Even if it open 10% higher, im not sure to sell all or hold a bit for longer term?? Any advice??

    • Maybe you should hold it for long term. The risk is many hedge funds hold cash now in this difficult time. Malaysia stock exchange is one of few markets still experiencing bull market. So, the risk is relatively higher. Make your on judgement – what is your acceptable profit rate if you not intend to hold for 5-10 years.

  • I think hold for 5 to 10 yrs is irrelevant… There are so many up and down in d market for these period of time.. Even research house oso said that the growth for ihh is oredi reflected in the ipo… If i notice something not right in d opening, i will sell all my holdings… Hopefully ihh open above ipo px and i can make some gain.. I would rather and buy back when market correct

    • Yes or No. If you see the price trend in KPJ, we can see that KPJ price drop modestly compared to the rest of stocks in Bursa. Healthcare stock is a defensive stock with high growth prospect. If you think you are able to buy at major low during crisis period then you could sell it.

      I read report from Public bank research house. In general, many research house (and my friends) believe the IPO utilisations is mainly for debt payment – which is not good. But I see it from different way. Actually now the leverage level for IHH is 50% lower than KPJ (around 40%). This means there is a big room for IHH to borrow money to carry out M&A and expansion. IHH top management already said they intend to expand in China and India (IHH already started there few years ago). KPJ never have this kind of plan and no presence in China and India. The low debt should allow IHH to grow more than current expected earnings. If you compare the Price-to-book ratio between IHH and KPJ, you will see the P/B of IHH is much lower – due to leverage.

      Anyway, this is just my opinion. I believe you will earn big bucks during listing day.

      • i oredi sold 6 lots… still holding 3 lots, mayb for medium term

  • Hi there, I have a situation here. My friend use my bank account to apply for the IPO with his CDS account because he has no online banking. I then use another bank account of mine to apply for the same IPO with my own CDS. Then both my bank account got refunded partially mean we are being shortlisted. But when IHH got listed, both of us got no shares at all. What could have gone wrong and where’s our money?

    • You cant apply two times within 1 CDS account, the fund will be refundable.

      • It’s 2 CDS accounts but 1 bank account. My friend’s and mine but using my account to pay.

        • you cant apply 2 times within same name of the CDS account also. 🙂

    • I think 2 things went wrong here

      1. Both bank account & CDS account must be the same name.
      2. Each person may apply for 1 time. I think you may be considered applying 2 times based on your bank account name.

      • thanks 1mdb, i got back my money. It’s a lesson to be learnt…

  • Anyone of you get back RMo.o5 from IHH after adjusted price? Usually how long does it take to refund back?


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