New Citibank Cash Back Platinum Credit Card


Recently, Citibank launched new Citibank Cash Back Platinum Credit Card which offering up to 5% cash rebate on purchase. This card is much better than their Classic and Gold Cash Back Card as no carry forward balance is necessary to enjoy high cash rebate rate.

Two months ago they just introduced on Citibank Platinum Credit Card where they are offering 5X Rewards Points on purchase made at major department stores and supermarkets or hypermarkets. The new offering make us more difficult to choose which card to apply.

With this card you don’t have to wait for specific days or special promotions to enjoy the most cash back from your purchases. Also no pre-registration and no minimum spending is required. Your cash back is automatically credited into your account.

Below are the details on the cash back rate.

Category Rebate (%) Eligible Stores/Shops
Petrol 5 All Stations
Pharmaceutical 2 Guardian, Watson
Grocery 2 Giant, Carrefour, Tesco, Cold Storage
Phone Bills 2 Maxis, Celcom, Digi
Others 0.3 All Stores/Shops

There are no monthly limit on spending expect for petrol purchase where it is limited to RM600 per month or equivalent to RM30 rebate.

Cash rebate will be credited into your account when the accumulated cash rebate for a particular month reaches RM50, otherwise the cash back will be carried forward to the next month.

If you manage to get your application approved by 1st August 2010, Citibank is awarding you RM60. The cash is basically to attract new customer and used it to off-set RM50 credit card GST.

On top of that you can enjoy the following  healthcare benefit at 18 leading specialist hospitals under KPJ Healthcare.

  • 30% discount on Executive Screening Packages (excluding selected consultation fee).
  • 15% discount on walk-in hospital room rates from RM120 and above.
  • One complimentary blood cholesterol check per year.

This is very interesting card to apply. Since my application of Citibank Platinum Credit Card is still under precessing, I may want to switch to this card instead.

For more information kindly proceed to Citibank webpage.
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  • But hor annually fees is RM 600, damn expensive if they don’t waive it.

    • From what I heard, to get waiver from Citibank is quite easy as long as you are using the card.

    • cannot waive, just cancel and apply others.. 🙂
      5% on petrol very attractive.
      0.3% on others, too little.
      most of the bank give 0.5%.

      • must make sure the annual fee is waived then only apply/activate, else it will be charged to your bill and everything will be too late…

    • a bit expensive on the annual fees but think abt other privilages such as the KPJ health care benefits…check in one time to any hospital already cost you more than that lol..also this discount will encourage me to go and check up more often hehe..better be careful than sorry later..

  • what it the minimum annual income in order to apply this platinum card.

    • Normally, Citibank Platinum Credit requires you to have RM100k income per annum but not sure about this one.

  • it is stated that if you swipe 3 times in 60 days, you get 1 year annual fee waived, swipe 6 times in 60 days and you get 2 years annual fees waived

  • I just got my three weeks ago. Anyone interested can contact Su Ling @ [email protected]

  • With all the rebates, are we still given reward points by using this citi cash back card?

    • I think there will be no reward points.

  • I’m a current user of this card, so far used it for 2 mths already since getting the card. About annual fee, for 1st year it’s waived. But for 2nd year, they have no ‘rules’ that you can do to get it waived. So I went to the Citibank branch in Bandar Puteri Puchong, asked their customer service personnel whether they waive annual fee for subsequent years or not, he said you can merely call up Citibank’s custmer service and ask them to waive it for you. So when my 2nd year of the card is approaching, I’ll try what he told me to do, and if not successful, then I’m going to cancel the card! *Evil grin*

    • Normally Citibank is generous in waiving annual fee if you use the card. Call them when the time come.

  • But a bit diffic to make payment as not many branch in malaysia

  • lex, you can do online transfer with RM2 charges. Some bank only charge 50 sen.


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