Resolve Dispute at Financial Mediation Bureau

financial mediation bureau

The Financial Mediation Bureau (FMB) is an independent body set up by Bank Negara Malaysia to help to settle disputes between individual and their financial services providers who are its members.

Currently FMB members are Commercial Banks, Investment Banks, Islamic Banks, Insurance Companies, Takaful Operators, Development Financial Institutions, Payment System Operators and Payment Instrument Issuers.

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Online Transaction for Maybank VISA Debit Card

maybank visa debit

After more than two years of waiting, finally Maybank enable online transaction for their VISA Debit Card or sometimes known as Cherry Debit Card. This feature is very much waiting from many of the card users especially the younger generation where they want to use it to buy stuff from the internet and more importantly to withdraw money from their paypal account.

Prior to utilising this feature, Maybank VISA Debit Card user have to enroll in Maybankard Secure Online Shopping (MSOS) programme through

Maybankard Secure Online Shopping (MSOS) is an additional authentication protocol developed for safer online transactions when using your MasterCard and Visa Card. The programme is known as ‘Verified by Visa’ and ‘MasterCard SecureCode’.

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Multiplies Your Money Fast with AffinPlus Accont

affin bank

Early this year, Affin Bank introducing AffinPlus acoount that manifest their Banking Without Barriers philosophy. With an AffinPlus account, you will gain the flexibility of cheque writing convenience with the high interest of a savings account. This gives you greater accessibility and opportunities to plan and manage your funds, going beyond the boundaries of conventional banking for your benefit.

AffinPlus added benefits and features are:

  • Enjoy a simple and hassle free account opening process at any 87 Affin bank branches nationwide with Identification Card (I.C.) only.
  • Combine your accounts for effective cash management.
  • Added convenience of 8,367 MEPS ATM’s nationwide

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OCBC Credit Card Rewards Will Turn into Cash Rebate


Beginning 1st July 2009, every transaction make by using your OCBC credit cards will no longer rewarded with points. Instead you will gain cash rebate between 0.2% to 0.5% depending on the card types. The cash rebates will be applicables to all transaction including auto debit, grocery or petrol.

Due to this the current OCBC$ Rewards Programme will ends on 30th June 2009. Before or on this date you may choose to either redden these points for exclusive gifts or it will be automatically converted to rebates. You will received RM15 rebates for every 10,000 points on your Platinum, Titanium, Gold or Classic Cards.

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New American Express Gold Credit Card

amex gold credit card

On the 18th June 2009, Maybank as the a licensed AMEX charge & credit card issuer in Malaysia launch all new American Express Gold Credit Card. The feature & benefit offered by the new American Express Gold Credit Card is more attractive when compare to other AMEX credit & debit card or even other Maybank credit card.

Among the most attractive features are the card offer the lowest finance charges among all cards in Malaysia. The card, which offers 9 per cent interest a year on outstanding balance also comes with a lifetime fee waiver and an introductory offer of no finance charges till the end of 2009. Affin Bank previously held the record for the lowest finance charges, at 9.99 per cent a year.

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