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GrouponPayments: Is It a PayPal-Killer?

GrouponGroupon is launching a new payments service apparently targeting small-to-medium-sized business merchants allowing them to accept credit/debit cards as forms of payment. This swiper system, called GrouponPayments, boasts a 1.8% rate on all swiped transactions for Discover, MasterCard, and Visa transactions, as well as a 3% rate on American Express purchases. With its highly competitive rates, heightened security, and other features, Groupon has become an unlikely player on the merchant accounts stage. Here’s a brief article on merchant account providers.

The hardware for this system is solid and well-developed. There are two options for card-swiping hardware; a standalone swiping unit and an audio-jack plug-in accessory. The standalone option is rugged and durable for high-volume card-swipe transactions, while the plug-in device is more suitable for ultraportable, road-warrior needs with a lower volume of swipes, although it, too, appears to be of a fairly rugged design. Both card reader units utilize highly advanced, best-in-class encryption methods, keeping customers’ information safe and secure.

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When Debt Management Is A Good Idea

If you find that you can’t keep up with your credit card payments and that you have overstretched your overdraft facility, then it may be that the next step for you is a debt management plan. For those people who find it hard to make the monthly payments to creditors, it can be a really helpful tool.

The intermediary who helps you set up a debt management plan will talk to your creditors and arrange a monthly amount to go to each of your creditors that is manageable for you. Payments are worked out according to your income, but your debts are not written off, they still need to be paid.

A debt management company like Debt Free Direct can talk you through the different options, but a debt management plan is usually suitable for both tenants and homeowners. If your circumstances change, it can be possible to amend payments to suit any changes in income, etc.

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How to Get Instant Cash to Meet Urgent Needs

Pound SterlingMany of us face the dreaded mid-month cash crisis. You struggle to borrow even just a small amount of money to meet your urgent needs when your payday is not around. Now there is no need to struggle a lot, Payday loans are there to help you out. You can easily borrow these loans to pay off for your urgent needs quickly.

These short term loans can be used to meet any of your needs instantly. You can use them to pay off your car repairs, medical bills, electricity bills and other monthly bills. The funds borrowed from payday loan lenders can be repaid in a period of 14 to 31 days. You can adjust the loan repayment date to your payday.

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Travel Insurance Direct New Zealand


If you are New Zealanders and planning to buy your travel insurance online, you can’t go wrong with Travel Insurance Direct. They are offering a very competitive package, and one of the cheapest travel insurances packages that you find on the market today.

Being cheap doesn’t mean you will get sub-par coverage. Travel Insurance Direct puts high-quality travel insurance in your pocket, and you will be covered on 24 major items. It covers everything you need while traveling, and it includes emergency medical and repatriation and loss of your personal belonging such as laptops or cameras.

The best part is, you will be offered unlimited expenses on medical expenses incurred overseas, cancellation costs and additional expenses / medical evacuation.

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Perpetual, Australia’s Most Experienced Investment and Trustee Groups


Perpetual is one of the oldest financial institutions in Australia. It was established in Sydney in 1886 under the name Perpetual Trustee Company (Limited). It is known as one of the most experienced investment and trustee groups.

With over 120 years of operating history, Perpetual has helped countless Australian’s individuals, families and companies to protect and manage their wealth through a proper and brilliant investment strategy specially formulated to fit their needs.

To ensure an outstanding performance on the investment, Perpetual has a very clear investment philosophy and applies it diligently while investing client’s funds.

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