Stocks to Watch Before & After General Election 2013

 The impending general election may be wrong-footing stock market investors due to uncertainty concerns. But if you are one of those banking on the current administration staying in power, there are some stocks that are worth taking a bet on.

These are companies that are doing well but which also have a political flavour one way or the other. These could be in the form of government contracts, shareholdings or just personalities involved in their key management or ownership.

The table below is eight stocks to keep on your radar.

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OSK 30 Jewels – Top Small Cap Companies 2012

This is the follow up from the earlier article on OSK 30 Jewels – Top Small Cap Companies posted in May. This time there are more detail figures in each stocks.

OSK Jewels Small Cap Companies was initially published by OSK in 2005. The selection of the 30 companies are based on Market Capitalization (<= RM1.5bn), Profit track record, Price earnings ratio (PER), Price to NTA (P/NTA), Net gearing, Return on Equity (ROE), Compounded Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) in earnings, Dividend prospects, Management track record & Stock and industry related catalysts.

Below are the full list of OSK 2012 Jewels which includes target price, forecast for 2012 PER & Dividend Yield.

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Stock Picks, OSK 2012 Jewels

Recently, during OSK’s small cap corporate day, OSK unveiled their 2012 Jewels. OSK Jewels actually is a list of small caps stock picks by OSK. They expect OSK Jewels to perform reasonably well during 2012. For the 2012 list, there are 31 stocks in the list.

The top picks are DAYANG (FV: RM2.34), JOHORETIN (FV: RM1.51), PRESTARIANG (FV: RM1.48) and TAKAFUL (FV: RM4.42).

Below are the full list of OSK 2012 Jewels.

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OSK Education Sector Stock Picks, Apr 2012


OSK maintains OVERWEIGHT on the sector, as they see local education providers gaining strength in 2012, driven by the Government’s initiatives to spur the private education sector.

Meanwhile, as the PTPTN works towards sorting out its collection woes, there appears to be a growing trend among local institutions to tie up with more reputable foreign institutions, which will further enhance Malaysia’s appeal as an education hub and an alternative destination for foreign students.

SEG International is OSK top buy for its diversified course offerings, asset-light operating model and decent dividend yield. Within the small-cap space, OSK like Prestariang’s sturdy orderbook of
over RM200m and niche focus in the provision of IT-related certification for final year students in public

Below are the target price, market capitalization and rating for selected stocks in education sector.

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Top 5 Stocks to Benefits from 2012 Budget

2012 budget is focussing more on the ‘Rakyat’ rather than infrastructure development. OSK see this as being unexciting for the Malaysian equity market. Measures to assist the lower income group include one-off cash payments, the abolishment of school fees and a hike in civil servant wages. Elsewhere, the re-imposition of income tax on shipping companies and the hike in RPGT should hit the shipping and property sectors mildly.

Potential beneficiaries mainly in education, finance and Sin stocks. In terms of beneficiaries, given Budget 2012’s somewhat subdued impact on the broader market, OSK see winners in Brewery & Tobacco companies, which did not get slapped with a tax hike, and education companies given the incentives offered for more schools and vocational training.

Below are the target prices and ratings for top 5 stocks to benefits from 2012 budget..

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