Target Prices / Fair Value Compilation for Astro Malaysia

AstroThe demand for the Astro Malaysia IPO was very good. The  institutional portion of the initial public offering has been  oversubscribed by more than 20 times. On the retail front, it was oversubscribed by 6.08 times. Astro Malaysia IPO is the third largest this year behind FGV and IHH.

Various research houses give early target or fair prices for Astro Malaysia ahead of the listing day on 19th October 2012. All of them generally targeted higher than IPO subscription prices of RM3.00 per share in the range of RM3.09 to RM3.53. The average figure is RM3.25 or 8.4% higher than IPO price.

The table below is the compilation of target price / fair value from various research houses.

No Investment or Research Companies Target / Fair Price (RM)
1 Affin Bank 3.12
2 ECM Libra 3.09
3 Hong Leong Investment Bank 3.16
4 OSK Research 3.37
5 TA Securities 3.53

If you have target price / fair value from another brokers, kindly leave your comment.

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  • can go until 4.00

  • just wanna ask..if i que 3.01 early morning tomorrow..n the opening price is higher..let say 3.30…will the order match as 3.30?


    • You que buy or que sell?

      If you que buy, you won’t get any.
      If you que sell, order match will be at RM3.30.

  • 1mdb,
    Que sell.. Thanx so much.. Alloted few. Hope will fly a bit tmrow. Not really optimist about astro. More of sentiment play..

  • disappointing 1st day performance..need to get at least 3.05 for breakeven huhu

  • looking at the performance now..will take awhile to go back up to IPO price.

  • Poor IPO, day one someone has already que sell at 2.68, wonder the staff get their share at 2.50.


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