Details of FELDA Global Ventures Holdings Bhd (FGVH) IPO


FELDA Global Ventures Holdings Bhd, a plantation operator, downstream products and refined sugar produce is scheduled to be listed in Main Market of Bursa Malaysia on 28th June 2012.

The Initial Public Offering (IPO) consists of 1.92 billion shares will be offered to the institutional investors while the remaining 283.61 million shares will be offered to retail investors at a price of RM4.55 per share at RM1.00 par value.

The final price will be the lower of retail price and 98% of the institutional price. There will be a refund to the difference if the final retail price is less than the retail price.

The institutional offering involves a total of 1.21 billion shares and 286.85 million issue shares allocated for Malaysian and foreign institutional investors, while 419.54 million issue shares are set aside for Bumiputera institutional and selected investors approved by International Trade and Industry Ministry, at the institutional price.

The retail offering involves 200.65 million issue shares to be offered to eligible employees, Felda settlers and those who have contributed to the success of FGVH and its subsidiaries, while 72.96 million issue shares will be made available to the Malaysian public.

FGHV is a global agricultural and agri-commodities company with operations across 10 countries. The group is involved in three main business segments, namely plantations business, downstream business and sugar business.

FGHV currently operates 343,521ha of oil palm plantation estates in Malaysia. Its 49 per cent-owned associate, Felda Holdings Bhd, is the world’s largest producer of crude palm oil, while its subsidiary, MSM Holdings Bhd, is the country’s leading refined sugar producer.

According to global business research and consulting firm Frost & Sullivan, FGVH is the world’s third largest oil palm planter.

More information regarding the company can be found in FELDA Global Ventures Holdings webpage.

FELDA Global Ventures Holdings intends to pay 50 percent of profit after tax excluding non-recurring income as a dividend. Based on At an IPO price of RM4.55 & 2011 figures, the dividend yield is 3.06% or 13.91 sen per share.

The table below is the financial summary for FELDA Global Ventures Holdings Bhd.

FYE 2009 FYE 2010 FYE 2011
Revenue (RM’000)  2,880,343  5,804,601  7,474,846
Profit after Tax (RM’000)  432,868  929,367  1,014,665
Earnings per Share (sen)  11.87  25.48  27.81
Price Earnings Ratio (x)  38.35  17.86  16.36

CIMB Investment Bank and Maybank Investment Bank is joint the principal adviser,  joint managing underwriters and joint underwriters of the IPO.

For those who are interested in FELDA Global Ventures Holdings IPO, you may subscribe at ATM machines or via Internet Banking. The subscription period is opened until 12th June 2012 at 5pm. Tentative balloting date is on 15th June while the allotment date is on 26th June 2012.

FELDA Global Ventures Holdings stock name in Bursa Malaysia is “FGVH”.

View FELDA Global Ventures Holdings prospectus in Bursa Malaysia webpage.

What do you think about FELDA Global Ventures Holdings IPO? Are you going to subscribe?

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  • bro felda is not gas supplier la.

  • wilson, thanks for point it out. I made the correction.

  • RM 4.40 is it over valued?

    • Agreed. The growth seems to be nice. But I think it’s slightly overpriced. However, I am still in.

  • salam 1 malaysia…

    saya tak pernah joint beli saham ni…cuma nak tanya kalau ada yang nak berkongsi…

    1. katakan kita membuat permohonan melalui ATM, harga disini rm4.45, mesti beli dalam gandaan 1000 unit (1 lot) kan?? jadi kalau 3 lot bersamaan rm4.45×3000=rm 13,350.00 ??

    2. bagaimana kalau permohonan kita tidak berjaya, wang tu akan dipulangkan masuk kedalam akuan kita semula @ ada cara lain??

    3. apakah maksud price of RM4.55 per share at RM1.00 par value??

    harap saya dapat info yang berguna dari anda semua..Terima Kasih…

    • @hanizam

      Sekadar berkongsi apa yang saya tahu,

      1). Sekarang 1 lot = 100 unit, bukan 1000. Saya tidak pernah beli melalui ATM. Dicadangkan saudara membeli melalui internet banking misalnya mb2u atau cimb clicks. Saya cadangkan mb2u.

      2). Jika permohonan gagal, wang dikembalikan semula ke dalam akaun bank pemohon. Tetapi tidak bagi caj perkhidmatan bank RM1.

      3). RM 4.55 itu adalah harga sebenar saham berkenaan. Manakalah PAR value itu biasanya digunakan semasa pengiraan dividen. Sebagai contoh, katalah PAR value suatu saham adalah RM 0.50, dan syarikat berkenaan ingin memberi dividen sebanyak 10%, maka dividen sebenar yang diterima setiap saham adalah RM0.50 x 10% = RM 0.05 (iaitu 5 sen sesaham).

  • Hm..Gua baru beli IPO felda ni..lantak orang lain nak cakap ape…
    hm..aku beli kt Maybank2u je..
    untung sabut..timbul la..
    kalo..tak dapat nanti..duit tu dia pulangkan balik..

    tak tau..keputusan cabutan undian tu nanti..
    tapi aku nak IPO Felda ni..hehehe..
    harap-harap IPO Gas Malaysia pon dapat jugak..

    • salam….saya baru brjinak2 nak bli saham felda ni…bole bantu saya macam mana nak buat….

  • I believe FGVH is a good stock as the company is highly profitable with good expected dividend yield.

    I hope this stock could follow the footsteps taken by TM and Petronas Companies.

  • Target price/fair value compilation

    Affin Investment Bank – RM 5.50
    Maybank Investment Bank – RM6.00

    • Hi, do you mind to share the source of the target price/fair value compilation? Thanks

  • Anybody in this ?

  • Nak tanya samada FGVB ni islamic kaunter ke?

  • Read this & make yr own decision:

    Personally, I’d stay away from most things that the gov rain praises on to promote, especially now when it’s nearing the general election. There are second-liner plantation-related stocks with lower PE ratio, better efficiency/productivity and/or higher dividends than FGV, like TDM, MKH.

  • if i have 2 cds account with different ADA, would i be able to bid with both account? would i be disqualified? say 1 cds with m2u and another with cimb.

    • thomas, every person can only bid once. You will be disqualified if you bid more than once.

  • I am also skeptical about FGVH now as I was bullish earlier without reading much upon it. Still pondering whether want to enter or not.

  • What about the dividend policy?

  • @Student11 : Nothing is concrete yet with this company. Might just go bust? Haha!

  • salam, bro.

    Saya belum pernah joint beli saham dan tak tahu apa benefit beli IPO ni.
    Jadi boleh tak siapa-siapa yg boleh tolong bagi tahu apa kebaikan beli IPO ini?
    Adakah selepas beli IPO ini,akhir tahun akan dapat dividen kalau company make profit?
    Apa yg terjadi kalau company tak make profit?
    Apa yg perlu kita buat kalau harga IPO ni turun? Perlu tambah duit tak?
    Apa yg perlu kita buat kalau harga IPO ni naik? Hold saje atau jual?

    Harap ada sudi beri tunjuk ajar. Terima kasih.

  • Hye guys…just want to ask..which one is better,buy/apply the ipo from atm machines or m2u online?which one is better?because my friend says,its better if buy from at machines..

  • Update
    Felda Global Ventures Holdings Bhd, Malaysia’s biggest plantations company, drew orders from institutional investors for more than 15 times the stock available to them.

  • Since the FGV IPO seems quite in demand, I’m speculating that its price will go up, at least for the 1st day of listing, just like Facebook.

  • I’m going for this stock..

    • me too…

  • This is a company with PAT in billions. Not many companies managed achieve that.

  • Go for this one! The govt is going all out to make arwah tun razak’s prized baby a reality… from his vision to ‘bandarise’ felda to now his putera, najib at the helm en route to make felda a global player – remember his ‘GLOKAL’ statements ever since his dpm days? ….. and FGVB has that ‘G’ letter which stands for ‘Global’!

    he’ll make it happen – that’s for sure – if he were to fail chances are BN is going to suffer and bear the brunt come PRU 13! that’s my piece to share with you all…. wassalaaaam.

    • Thanks for the headsup! My sentiments exactly!

  • Just apply for this IPO. Good luck for those who trying.

  • After applying via the ATM do we need to submith the hardcopy form (white) obtained from the Balai Felda?…curious

  • meorbadrul, no you don’t have to.

  • You seriously want to invest ah. Haven’t you all learn from the facebook ipo fiasco.


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