ASM Unitholders Get 6.8 sen Dividend & Special Dividend for 2013


Amanah Saham Nasional Bhd (ASNB), announced a dividend of 6.8 sen per unit for the Amanah Saham Malaysia for the financial year ending 31st March, 2013. The dividend comprises of 6.5 sen normal dividend and 0.3 sen special dividend.

The dividend is an increase of 0.3 sen per unit compared with the 6.5 sen dividend given in 2012. Kindly refer to “Historical ASM Dividend Rate” for previous year dividend.

The dividend will involve a payout of RM913.85 million. The figure is 11.6 percent higher than the payment of RM900.72 million made in 2011. Currently, there are 542,809 unit holders who currently hold 13.44 billion units of ASM.

As at 11th March, 2013, ASM registered a gross income of RM1.07 billion.

Profits from the sales of shares in companies contributed RM505.19 million or 47.3 per cent to the income, while dividends from investee companies amounted to RM376.75 million or 35.3 per cent and the remaining income of RM185.09 million or 17.4% is derived from investments in short term instruments.

The dividend payments will be automatically credited into the investment accounts of unit holders on 1st April 2013. To facilitate the payment, all transactions of the ASM will be suspended from 26th to 31st March 2013.

The calculation of the income distribution is based on the average minimum balance held throughout the financial year of ASM.

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