New HSBC Advance Account


HSBC Bank, Malaysian largest foreign lender recently launched a new global offering called HSBC Advance. HSBC Advance offered customers an integrated account covering deposits, investments, insurance plans and credit cards. Customers would also be introduced to relationship-based banking.

It is aimed at supporting the growing pool of ambitious, financially-savvy mid-market customers aged between 25 and 45 to help them take control of their financial independence. HSBC Advance come with 2 variants namely HSBC Advance and its syariah-compliant version, HSBC Amanah Advance.

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New Citibank Cash Back Platinum Credit Card


Recently, Citibank launched new Citibank Cash Back Platinum Credit Card which offering up to 5% cash rebate on purchase. This card is much better than their Classic and Gold Cash Back Card as no carry forward balance is necessary to enjoy high cash rebate rate.

Two months ago they just introduced on Citibank Platinum Credit Card where they are offering 5X Rewards Points on purchase made at major department stores and supermarkets or hypermarkets. The new offering make us more difficult to choose which card to apply.

With this card you don’t have to wait for specific days or special promotions to enjoy the most cash back from your purchases. Also no pre-registration and no minimum spending is required. Your cash back is automatically credited into your account.

Below are the details on the cash back rate.

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20% Cash Back on Weekend Groceries with AmBank Credit Card


AmBank is having a new promotion where their credit card holders will enjoy 20% cash rebate on groceries spending during the weekend. The promotion is running from 1st May 2010 to 31st December 2010.

The promotion open to Priciple Credit Card holder with the exception of PrePaid MasterCard and card holders whose card accounts have been suspended, cancelled or terminated.

To participate, you have to register your AmBank credit card via SMS. To register, send SMS through your mobile number by typing “cashback {space} 16-digits card no” to 36663. This is one time registration and you will be charged 30 cents.

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Up to 10% Cash Back on Petrol Spend with RHB Bank Credit Card

rhb bank

RHB Bank is having a new campaign where all RHB Credit Cards holders can get up to 10% cash back on petrol spending at Petronas, Shell, BHP, Esso, Mobil and Caltex petrol stations.

The campaign will ends on 3rd July 2010. The cash back is capped at a maximum of RM60 per month, per card holder. All cash back will be credited into Principal Card holders account & will be reflected in the monthly statement.

Card holders will be rewarded with up to 10% cash back on all petrol spend, as below

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15% Cashback Promotion with Public Bank Credit Card

The previous PB REAL Cash Back Promotion which offer 8% cash rebate ended 31st March 2010. In order to make their card holders happy & not cancelling thier card due to RM50 tax, Public Bank strike again with a greater, 15% cash back.

This promotion is valid from 1st April to 30th June 2010. Under this promotion, Public Bank credit card holders who spend on a specific Daily Merchant Category are entitle for the 15% Cash Back. The great news is no minimum spending amount is required.

In addition to that if you swipe at least 15 times in a calendar month, you will received RM1 rebate for every swipes subject to maximum of RM30 per month.

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